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  • Ava Sport Acro

    FOR SALE: Ava Sport Acro

    size: M, manufactured: September 2009.

    270 EUR / 295 USD / 240 GBP / 20914 INR.

    Shipping is extra. Beautiful acro harness in very good condition, colors: blue/gray.
    Other item info: Besides presence of some scratches on bottom side, the harness is in very good condition.


    Code: evc2

    300.00  270.00 
  • Kortel Kanibal 2 S

    FOR SALE: Kortel Kanibal 2

    size: S, purchased in 2012.

    Price: 450 EUR

    Plus shipping
    Condition is excellent, 4 hours in the air only. Colors: Black/orange/white, Location: Macedonia.

    My friend stopped flying and wants to sell it. Basically a new harness. Nice and robust, great protection if you land on your bottom. The harness has been purchased as the new in the year 2012., so not sure what exact DOM.

    The price is negotiable, ask questions if you are serious buyer.

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  • Next Sirocco + Supair Profeel

    FOR SALE: Next Sirocco + Supair Profeel

    Price for both: 250 EUR / 280 USD / 223 GBP / 19572 INR.
    Shipping: is extra.
    Harnesses for tandem. Condition: good, colors: black/red,
    For sale: both harnesses, one is for tandem pilot, the other one for passenger. Pilot harness is with Cygnus inflatable airbag, passenger harness is with a standard back protection. Normal signs of wear present, not used much lately as owner didn’t have time to do any tandems.
    The price is negotiable a bit
    Code: mtr6
    350.00  250.00 
  • Sky Country Sector (L)

    FOR SALE: Sky Country Sector

    >ultralight harness<
    size: L, year: 2018.
    Price: 620 EUR / 695 USD / 555 GBP / 15834 CZK.
    Shipping to be paid extra. Unused – 0 hours, colors: black/blue. Never used, it belongs to my friend, who never got a chance to fly with it due too much work. Reserve is not included into the rice.
    The price is negotiable.
    Code: tvk12
  • SOL Easy 2

    FOR SALE: SOL Easy 2

    size is L,

    price is: 199 EUR / 218 USD / 181 GBP / 867 PLN / 15711 INR + shipping.

    Condition: fair, colors: black/blue/white. Location: Barcelona – Spain [ ES ]. The harness is old but still enough life in it to serve someone on the budget. I really don’t know the exact production year. There are traces of dirt and usage, especially at the bottom (see pics), but nothing alarming.

    The price is negotiable, ask if you have any questions.

    Code: mlck4

    280.00  199.00 
  • Supair Acro-Base L

    FOR SALE: Supair Acro-Base

    size: L.

    Price: 1650 EUR / 1845 USD / 1456 GBP / 1855 CHF.

    Shipping: Plus shipping, an acro harness in excellent condition. Colors: Balck/green. Location: Zwevegem – Belgium [ BE ].

    Other item info: Original base parachute included. Just packed by Ferdi in Oludeniz. Production year 2014. or 2015. not sure, so don’t hold my word. It is in excellent condition.

    The price is fixed, no bargaining, please.

    Code: clln9

    2,000.00  1,650.00 
  • Supair Altirando Airbag

    FOR SALE: Supair Altirando Airbag

    size: M, manufactured on April 2009.

    Price: 270 EUR / 295 USD / 240 GBP / 20914 INR.

    Shipping is extra. Condition of the harness is very good, colors: gray/black.

    Other item info: In very good condition considering its age. Some traces of use, but nothing serious. Let me know if you have any questions.

    I can arrange lower price if you are serious buyer, just text me.

    Code: evc1

    300.00  270.00 
  • Supair Profeel XC2 (M)

    FOR SALE: Supair Profeel XC2

    size M, manufatured: July 2006.
    Price: 175 EUR / 194 USD / 151 GBP / 13796 INR.
    Shipping will cost extra. The harness is in good condition. Colors: black/blue/gray. Location: Soedertaelje – Sweden [ SE ].
    Other item info: One picture shows the repair of a rip at the left front of the seat plate. Generally speaking it i in good condition overall.
    The price is negotiable.
    Code: ljn2
  • Supair Ultralight Harness (M)

    FOR SALE: Supair Ultralight Harness

    size: M.

    Price: 270 EUR / 304 USD / 243 GBP / 20777 INR.

    Plus shipping. Condition: mint – 1 hour. Colors: Black/gray/red. Located in: Bucharest – Romania.
    Other item info: I don’t know exact date of production. 3 flights only, as good as new.

    Negotiable price.

    Code: tvk13

  • Swing Connect Light

    FOR SALE: Swing Connect Light

    size: L, manufactured: May 2006.
    Price: 250 EUR / 280 USD / 224 GBP / 1064 PLN / 19261 INR….plus shipping. Condition: very good, color: Black. Location: Romania [ RO ].
    Other item info: In very good condition despite its age, one small damage at the bottom, but nicely repaired. See photos bellow.
    Code: tvk11
  • Tandem Pilot Harness Ava Sport Twin NG

    FOR SALE: Tandem Pilot Harness Ava Sport Twin NG
    Price: 230 EUR / 261 USD / 205 GBP / 280 CHF / 18016 INR
    …shipping is extra.
    30 hours. L size, harness is made to easily fit small and big persons. Specially designed and customized by manufacturer for variety of needs.
    Usual wear from bottom landings present. Ask for details and additional photos. Reserve not included.
    Code: mck9
    330.00  230.00 
  • Woody Valley Wani (XL)

    FOR SALE: Woody Valley Wani

    size: XL, date: September 2016.
    Price: 650 EUR / 732 USD / 577 GBP / 2778 PLN.
    Plus shipping. Condition is very good – 50 hours. Colors: Black/red. Location: Rodgau – Germany [ DE ].
    Other item info: The harness is in very good condition if not excellent, if you don’t mind traces of bottom landings. See photos. Cosmetics issue basically. Message me for more info.
    The price is negotiable.
    Code: mrc3