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  • 777 King (105-125 kg)

    FOR SALE: 777 Tripleseven King

    size: L, date: May 2017., weight range: 105-125 kg.

    Price: 900 EUR / 989 USD / 814 GBP /

    Shipping is extra. Serial racer with EN D certification. It is in outstanding condition with 80 hours in the air. Colors: green/blue/white.

    Other item info: Well preserved and well taken care of. This is outstanding serial racer. Ultimate glide and very sold in turbulence. Not for a beginners.


    Code: vgr5

    1,100.00  900.00 
  • 777 Queen (100-120 kg)

    FOR SALE: 777 Queen

    size: L, manufactured: March 2014., weight range: 100-120 kg.

    Price: 800 EUR / 894 USD / 691 GBP.

    Shipping: plus shipping. Very well performing EN C wing. Condition: excellent – 30 hours, colors: blue/black/white. Location: Barcelona – Spain [ ES ].

    Other item info: Glider handles and flies like a dream. No issues to report. Rucksack and inner bag are included, concertina is not. Owner took the great care of this bird. I have inspection documents and I will show it to the serious buyer.

    The price is negotiable, try me out.

    Code: mlck8

    900.00  800.00 
  • 777 Rook 2 (110-130 kg)

    FOR SALE: 777 Rook 2

    size: L, production date: March 2016, weight range is 110-130 kg.

    Price: 1200 EUR / 1336 USD / 1022 GBP / 1290 CHF.

    Shipping: plus shipping. Certified as EN B class. Condition is superb for this wing with 70 hours on it. Colors: Yellow/blue/white.

    The wing comes with concertina bag.

    Negotiable? Yes, sir!

    Code: vgr4

    1,400.00  1,200.00 
  • 777 Rook 2 (65-85 kg)

    FOR SALE: 777 Rook 2

    size is S, manufactured: January 2017, weight range: 65-85 kg.
    Price: 1600 EUR / 1753 USD / 1426 GBP / 123914 INR.
    or anything close to that.
    Shipping is extra. Beautiful begginer wing, for someone who just gained his pilot licece. EN B level. Condition: excellent – 50 hours on it. Colors: blue/purple/white.
    Other item info: As good as new, latest inspection documents are available-full check done (400+ sec).
    Code: snj1
  • Advance Omega 7 (90-116 kg)

    FOR SALE: Advance Omega 7

    size: 28, produced: 9/2006, range: 90-116 kg.
    Price: 320 EUR / 353 USD / 270 GBP / 25188 INR.
    …plus shipping. DHV 2-3/EN D, condition: fair – 150 hours, colors: orange/blue.
    Other item info: There are couple of patches (see photos), but the wing is in fair condition in general.
    The price is negotiable.
    Code: djdj7
    420.00  320.00 
  • AirDesign Easy 2 (100-125 kg)

    FOR SALE: AirDesign Easy 2

    size: L, manufactured: 5/2018, range: 100-125 kg.

    Price: 1700 EUR / 1893 USD / 1448 GBP / 1827 CHF.

    Shipping is extra. Pure beginner wing, rated EN A. Excellent condition – 35 hours, colors: yellow/blue/red/white.

    Other item info: Low hours, no issues to report, it comes with concertina. You will be one happy pilot. Perfect training tool for newcomers in both powered and free flight.


    Code: vgr3

    1,800.00  1,700.00 
  • Axis Vega 5 (85-105 kg)

    FOR SALE: Axis Vega 5

    size: M, manufactured: February 2018, weight range: 80-105 kg

    Price: 1300 EUR / 1448 USD / 1107 GBP / 102589 INR / 5510 PLN.

    Shipping is extra. EN C, fantastic intermediate wing. Condition: excellent – 70 hours, Colors: black/yellow.

    Custom colors scheme. The price is negotiable.

    Code: bld1

    2,300.00  1,300.00 
  • Axis Venus SC (85-105 kg)

    FOR SALE: Axis Venus SC

    size: M, production date: 11/2018, weight range: 85-105 kg.
    Price: 1500 EUR / 1644 USD.
    Plus shipping. This is EN C level paraglider. Condition: excellent – 95 hours, colors: red/white.
    Other item info: Overall, the wing is in very good condition, but there is one damage about 10×10 cm (see photos). Besides that small issue, there is nothing else to report.
    Code: brn2
    1,700.00  1,500.00 
  • Axis Venus SC (95-117 kg)

    FOR SALE: Axis Venus SC

    Price: 2300 EUR / 2525 USD / 2050 GBP.
    size: L,
    production date: 12/2018,
    weight range: 95-117 kg,
    shipping: + shipping.

    EN C class. Condition: mint – 35 hours, colors: spring, Location: Slovenia [ SI ].
    Other item info: Low hours, not used much in the past 10 months. It comes with rucksack.


    Code: zrmn2


    2,500.00  2,300.00 
  • BGD Cure (90-110 kg)

    FOR SALE: BGD Cure

    size: ML, year: 2016, weight range: 90-110 kg.
    Price: 1000 EUR / 1112 USD / 866 GBP / 79344 INR.
    ..and shipping is extra. EN C class paraglider. Condition after 90 hours is excellent. Colors: Alkaline. Located in India, Lake Paradise, Talegaon Dabhade.
    Other item info: Used with care, no damages, color scheme will cheer you up every time. No rucksack, just inner bag.
    The price is negotiable.
    Code: pth1
    1,350.00  1,000.00 
  • BGD Dual Tandem

    Tandem for sale: BGD Dual

    size: 40, manufactured: October 2016., weight range: 120-220 kg.

    Price: 1800 EUR / 2008 USD / 1528 GBP / 1948 CHF.

    …plus shipping. Certified as EN B tandem paraglider, it is in very good condition – 85 hours. Location: Ruhpolding – Germany [ DE ].
    Other item info: Recently checked in authorized workshop, see stamp on photos. I have inspection documentation, too. 170 take offs, 85 hours, no issues to report.


    Code: schm1

    2,200.00  1,800.00 
  • BGD Echo (90-110 kg)

    FOR SALE: BGD Echo

    in size ML, bought in October 2018., best fits to the range of 90-110 kg.
    Price: 2470 EUR / 2200 GBP / 2710 USD.
    Shipping is extra. This is EN B level wing in mint condition (14 hours only). Color: crystal, located in UK.
    Other item info: Only flown in the UK, grassy launches, not much ground handling. It’s practically brand new condition, not even any marks or mud stains on it. Very nice, safe, reliable wing.
    The price is negotiable.
    Code: awaa1
    2,600.00  2,470.00 
  • BGD Riot (88-108 kg)

    FOR SALE: BGD Riot

    size ML, bought in February 2019., weight range: 88-108 kg.

    Shipping is extra. EN B level, as ggod as new with only 3 hours. Color: Pyro. Location: London – United Kingdom [ GB ].

    Other item info: Mint condition, no damage, period.

    Code: cpk4

    (photos are not of the actual wing)

  • Dudek Nemo 4 (70-110 kg)

    FOR SALE: Dudek Nemo 4 (paramotor and free flying)

    this is size: 25, produced February 2018., 70-110 kg of the weight range depending if you are PPG or free flying pilot, see further information bellow.

    Price: 1850 EUR / 2046 USD / 1593 GBP / 2032 CHF.

    …plus shipping. Beginner wing, very stabile, EN A certification. it is in mint condition, about 3 hours in the air, colors: green/black/blue/white.

    Other item info: Great beginner wing for paramotoring and free flying. Paramotor weight range is 70-110 kg, free flying weight range is 70-95 kg. About 3 hours of use, all short flights, owner used it until he obtained license and bought faster wing.

    Yes, negotiable-text me if you have any questions.

    Code: vgr2

    1,900.00  1,850.00 
  • Dudek Nemo XX (PPG and free flying) 85-130 kg

    FOR SALE: Dudek Nemo XX (PPG and free flying)

    Price: 1350 EUR / 1492 USD / 1165 GBP / 106132 INR.
    Shipping will cost additionally.

    Size: 28, manufactured: August 2017, free flying weight range is 85-110 kg and PPG weight range is 85-130 kg.

    Very cool beginner model, classified as EN A. Condition is excellent, with 20 hours on it. Colors: blue/white/green.

    Other item info: Fantastic wing for a free flying and paramotor. It has free flying risers only, so you will have to purchase paramotor ones separately if you are a petrol-head. Low hours, not flown much, porosity is fantastic, I have it documented. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me.

    The price is negotiable.

    Code: ptr1

    1,600.00  1,350.00 
  • Flow XC Racer (105-125 kg)

    FOR SALE: Flow XC Racer

    size: L, manufactured: 04/2018., with a weight range of 105-125 kg

    Price: 1300 EUR / 1441 USD / 1110 GBP.

    Shipping comes extra. The wing is for advanced pilots, hungry for competitions and big distance. EN D level, Condition: excellent – 95 hours, colors: white/purple/red. Location: Slovenia [ SI ].

    Other item info: Flown only on grassy Alpine take offs and on competitions. The wing is in very good condition.

    Code: smc4

    1,900.00  1,400.00