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  • Swing Nyos RS (85-109 kg)

    FOR SALE: Swing Nyos RS

    size M, manufactured: August 2018, weight range: 85-109 kg.

    Price: 2400 EUR / 2703 USD / 2156 GBP / 10212 PLN.

    …plus shipping. EN B certification. Cloth is in mint condition – 15 hours, Colors: Red/green/white, Location: Serbia [ RS ]

    Reason: Stepping up to EN C.

    Other item info: Mint condition wing, very low hours, but one very small patch on the leading edge. Please, see pics.

    I can arrange a small discount, but don’t expect too much folks.

    Code: gla1

  • Tandem Icaro Parus

    FOR SALE: Tandem Icaro Parus

    size: 41,5, manufactured: August 2017, weight range: 130-240 kg.
    Price: 1950 EUR / 2174 USD / 1805 GBP / 154709 INR.
    Shipping to be paid extra. Heavy duty tandem, easy handling, EN B level. Condition of cloth: mint – 20 hours, colors: yellow/blue. Location: Slovenia.
    Other item info: Incredible tandem, fantastic handling. It has patch or two, both repaired, but no big deal (see photos). Checked in authorized workshop. It comes with spreader bars (no carabiners). I can send high resolution photos or video on demand of a serious customer.
    Negotiable price. Hit me with offers.
    Code: ptr1
    2,100.00  1,950.00 
  • Tandem Supair Sora 2

    FOR SALE: Tandem Supair Sora 2

    size: 42, produced June 2019, range is 120-220 kg.

    Price: 2700 EUR / 2964 USD / 2450 GBP.

    Shipping: Plus shipping. EN B tandem. Condition: mint – 2 hours, colors: ocean blue, location: Lebanon [ LB ]

    Other item info: Mint condition, just a few flights. No tears, broken lines or any bad surprises. No spreader bars and rucksack.

    Code: hbs2

    3,000.00  2,700.00 
  • U-Turn Infinity 4 (60-90 kg)

    FOR SALE: U-Turn Infinity 4

    size: SM, production year: March 2016, weight range: 60-90 kg.

    Price: 1300 EUR / 1454 USD / 1148 GBP / 101234 INR.

    Shipping is extra. Very nice EN B level wing. It is in mint condition, with about 30 hours. Colors: Green/black/blue

    Other item info: Quite low hours, not flown since 2017. It comes with rucksack, inner bag, bag for risers, CD, speed bar line, repair kit. On or two small dots made of insects, no SIV, no trees, no water landings.

    The price is negotiable, make me an offer.

    Code: krt1

    1,400.00  1,300.00 
  • U-Turn Passion (90-115 kg)

    FOR SALE: U-Turn Passion

    size: M, year: 2013, weight range: 90-115 kg.
    Price: 660 EUR / 737 USD / 570 GBP / 2811 PLN.
    Shipping: is extra. EN C class, brilliant handling and performance. Condition is excellent: 50 hours. Colors: white/orange. The wing belong to the friend of mine. He lost weight and wants to sell it, besides he needs money for new and smaller wing. Condition of the glider is super good. I have some videos, I will post them to serious buyer. It comes with concertina.
    Code: tvk9
    900.00  660.00 
  • UP Makalu 3 (65-95 kg)

    FOR SALE: UP Makalu 3

    size is S, produced 07/2013, weight range: 65-90 kg

    Price: 1300 GBP / 1460 EUR / 1600 USD.

    Shipping comes extra. Catogorized as EN B level wing with very good stability. Condition is more then excellent with 90 hours. Color: yellow. Location: London – United Kingdom [ GB ].

    Other item info: Bought 2015. It belongs to the friend who has been very careful with this one. In superb condition. Any test welcome. Here is the video:

    Code: cpk1