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  • Dudek Nemo 4 (70-110 kg)

    FOR SALE: Dudek Nemo 4 (paramotor and free flying)

    this is size: 25, produced February 2018., 70-110 kg of the weight range depending if you are PPG or free flying pilot, see further information bellow.
    Price: 1900 EUR / 2103 USD / 1720 GBP / 150794 INR.
    …plus shipping. Beginner wing, very stabile, EN A certification. it is in mint condition, about 3 hours in the air, colors: green/black/blue/white.
    Other item info: Great beginner wing for paramotoring and free flying. Paramotor weight range is 70-110 kg, free flying weight range is 70-95 kg. About 3 hours of use, all short flights, owner used it until he obtained license and bought faster wing.
    Yes, negotiable-text me if you have any questions.
    Code: vgr2
  • Gin Vantage 2 (free and paramotor flight) 85-105 kg

    FOR SALE: Gin Vantage 2 (free and paramotor flight)

    size: 27, bought in June 2018.

    Price: 2500 EUR / 2824 USD / 2839 CHF / 2189 GBP / 200572 INR.

    Weight range for free flight: 85-105 kg
    Weight range for powered flight: 105-135 kg

    Shipping: is extra.
    EN B wing made for free flying and PPG, it’s in mint condition, 3 hours in the air only. Colors: Blue/green, Location: Tamil Nadu – India [ IN ].

    Other item info: Only a few fights, bought a few moths ago. Perfect for paramotor and free flying. Selling in on behalf of a third party.

    Package includes Gin concertina bag 2.5M, rucksack, speed bar, glider repair kit. The wing is located in Tamil Nadu, India. Suitable wing for occasional and intermediate pilots.

    The price is negotiable.

    Code: ghn1

    2,800.00  2,500.00 
  • MacPara Eden 5 (105-130 kg)

    FOR SALE: MacPara Eden 5

    size: 30, DOM: 6/2014, weight range: 105-130 kg.

    Price: 1800 USD / 1603 EUR / 1385 GBP.

    Plus shipping, EN B class. The paraglider is in excellent condition, about 65 hours. Perfect for paramotor and free flying.

    Colors: Grey/black/red, Location: Alabama, Fort Mitchell – United States [ US ].

    Reason: Wrong size.

    Other item info: Superb wing for pilots who want high level of safety and fun handling. I think I don’t have to introduce this lovely model from Mac Para.

    I am selling this on behalf of a third party. Wrong size is the reason of sale.

    Negotiable a bit, let me know if you have questions.

    Code: jms1

    1,900.00  1,603.00 
  • Nova Prion 2 (80-100 kg) beginner wing

    FOR SALE: Nova Prion 2

    size: S, year: 2013, weight range: 80-100 kg.
    Price: 700 EUR / 783 USD / 618 GBP / 54510 INR
    Shipping: at the expence of the buyer. EN A (beginner) paraglider. Nice for free flying and paramotoring. Condition: excellent – 150 hours. Colors: yellow/red.
    The price is negotiable, try me out…
    Code: vlt1
    900.00  700.00 
  • Tandem Icaro Parus

    FOR SALE: Tandem Icaro Parus

    size: 41,5, manufactured: August 2017, weight range: 130-240 kg.
    Price: 1950 EUR / 2174 USD / 1805 GBP / 154709 INR.
    Shipping to be paid extra. Heavy duty tandem, easy handling, EN B level. Condition of cloth: mint – 20 hours, colors: yellow/blue. Location: Slovenia.
    Other item info: Incredible tandem, fantastic handling. It has patch or two, both repaired, but no big deal (see photos). Checked in authorized workshop. It comes with spreader bars (no carabiners). I can send high resolution photos or video on demand of a serious customer.
    Negotiable price. Hit me with offers.
    Code: ptr1
    2,100.00  1,950.00