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  • Charly Diamond Cross ST (<100 kg)

    FOR SALE: Charly Diamond Cross ST

    up to 100 kg, made on October 2018.
    Price: 680 EUR / 753 USD / 588 GBP / 749 CHF.
    Shipping: plus shipping. Condition: mint, located in Slovenia.
    This is steerable reserve. No issues, regularly repacked in authorized workshop, last repack done few days ago (documented).
    Code: hrb5
    800.00  680.00 
  • Charly Duo 200 Tandem Reserve

    FOR SALE: Charly Duo 200 Tandem Reserve

    up to 200 kg, year: 2015.

    Price: 485 EUR / 537 USD / 435 GBP / 38255 INR.

    Shipping: plus shipping. The reserve is for tandem, very heavy pilot or PPG use like trike. Condition is excellent, color: white.

    Fantastic tandem reserve, made according to toughest German standards. Never deployed, very little used, no defects to report. It comes with inner container (handle is not included, because each harness has it own). Unfortunately there is no label, you will have to trust me on this.


    Code: tvk14

    580.00  485.00 
  • Reserve Nova Pentagon

    FOR SALE: Reserve Nova Pentagon

    up to 120 kg, year: 2019

    Price: 700 EUR / 763 USD / 620 GBP.

    Shipping is extra. New age reserve for all times. Condition: unused – 0 hours. Location: Polhov Gradec – Slovenia [ SI ]

    Reason: Need money for hookers.

    Other item info: New reserve, never installed, never used. My friend got it as a way of payment and wants to sell it.

    I may arrange a small discount, email me in private for details.

    Code: smc3

    750.00  700.00 
  • Reserve Sky Country SC 34 (ultralight) 90-110 kg

    FOR SALE: Reserve Sky Country SC 34 (ultralight)

    size: 34, year: beginning of 2018, weigh range:90-110 kg.
    Price: 450 EUR / 505 USD / 404 GBP / 1915 PLN.
    Shipping: plus shipping. Condition is mint. Color: white, location: Romania [ RO ].
    Other item info: Spent a few flights in the air, never thrown. Basically it is a new reserve canopy.
    The price is negotiable.
    Code: tvk10
    550.00  450.00 
  • Swing Orange Cross

    FOR SALE: Reserve parachutes

    Swing Orange Cross
    sizes: S: 80-100 kg (4/2019) and M 100-120 kg (11/2018).
    Price per one piece: 460 EUR / 515 USD / 424 GBP / 36164 INR.
    Please, do not purchase anything before consulting with our operators.
    Shipping is not included. Never used, as good as new. Colors: unisex. My friends gave up flying and went working abroad.
    I can arrange small discount, especially if you take both at once. Ask if you have any questions.
    Code yellow: mlt3, code blue: mlt4
    560.00  460.00