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  • Axis Venus SC (72-92 kg)

    FOR SALE: Axis Venus SC

    size: S, manufactured: 2019., and with a weight range of 72-92 kg.
    Price: 2500 EUR / 2700 USD / 277 GBP / 193114 INR.
    Shipping to be paid additionally for this lovely intermediate wing, C class. It is in a mint condition, around 5 hours. Colors: blue/green. Like new, everything is perfect.
    Code: hbs6
  • BGD Echo (90-110 kg)

    FOR SALE: BGD Echo

    in size ML, bought in October 2018., best fits to the range of 90-110 kg.
    Price: 2470 EUR / 2200 GBP / 2710 USD.
    Shipping is extra. This is EN B level wing in mint condition (14 hours only). Color: crystal, located in UK.
    Other item info: Only flown in the UK, grassy launches, not much ground handling. It’s practically brand new condition, not even any marks or mud stains on it. Very nice, safe, reliable wing.
    The price is negotiable.
    Code: awaa1
    2,600.00  2,470.00 
  • Gradient Aspen 6 (95-115 kg)

    FOR SALE: Gradient Aspen 6

    size: 28, dated: May 2018, 95-119 kg.
    Price: 1500 EUR / 1655 USD / 1267 GBP / 1606 CHF.
    Shipping to be paid extra. EN C paraglider. The wing is in super mint condition, as it has only 2 hours. Colors: white/green/blue.
    Other item info: Two flights, no issues, mint condition. It comes with all the accessories you get from factory. Might be negotiable if you ask nicely.
    Code: grr5
    1,999.00  1,500.00 
  • Niviuk Koyot 3 (45-65 kg)

    FOR SALE: Niviuk Koyot 3

    size: 22, produced: December 2017, weight range: 45-65 kg.
    Price: 1800 EUR / 2010 USD / 1555 GBP / 142242 INR.
    Shipping is extra. EN A level. Pure beginner wing, very safe, very stabile. Condition: mint – 12 hours. colors: red/blue. Location: Zwevegem – Belgium.
    Other item info: The wing is in mint condition, not used much for all this time, you won’t regret buying it.
    Negotiable price by tiny bit.
    Code: clln10
    2,000.00  1,800.00 
  • Nova Mentor 4 (90-110 kg)

    FOR SALE: Nova Mentor 4

    size: M, production date: April 2015, weight range: 90-110 kg.

    Shipping is extra. High EN B paraglider for XC motivated pilots. Condition: mint – 35 hours, color: petrol.

    Other item info: Inspection documentation is available, valid till 03/2020. Absolutely perfect condition, never spent a night in rucksack, but unfolded on the floor in the dark room. Rucksack included.

    Code: isk1