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  • Team 5 Red (85-110 kg)

    FOR SALE: Team 5 Red

    size: M, manufactured: 2011., with a weight range of: 85-110 kg.
    Price: 420 EUR / 465 USD / 355 GBP / 32988 INR.
    Shipping to be paid extra. Wonderful EN C/DHV 2 paraglider in very good condition with 100 hours. Colors: orange/gray/black/white. See photos from porosity measurements. No rucksack, just an inner bag.
    Code: tvk17
    460.00  420.00 
  • U-Turn Evolution (75-100 kg)

    FOR SALE: U-Turn Evolution

    size is M, date: 02/2019., range: 75-100 kg.

    Price: 1500 EUR / 1648 USD / 1273 GBP / 117227 INR.

    Plus shipping. EN A level, if you are looking for a beginner wing, this is it. Stop looking any further. Condition is excellent, it has 15 hours, colors: green/black/blue. It comes with a rucksack, date I quoted is purchase date. No issues to report.

    The price is negotiable.

    Code: rdv1

    1,700.00  1,500.00 
  • UP Fast Pro

    FOR SALE: UP Fast Pro

    size M, pod: L, year: 2009.

    Price: 180 EUR / 200 USD / 154 GBP / 14204 INR.

    Shipping to be paid extra. Harness is in good condition. Color: black.
    Other item info: No big damages, presence of dirt and a several minor hols on the pod (see photos), some wrinkles under the seat, but that’s it. Pod can be removed and used as normal harness (it comes with steer up).

    Code: dgr1

    280.00  180.00 
  • UP Makalu 3 (65-95 kg)

    FOR SALE: UP Makalu 3

    size is S, produced 07/2013, weight range: 65-90 kg
    Price: 1250 EUR / 1355 USD / 1038 GBP / 96746 INR.
    Shipping comes extra. Categorized as EN B level wing with very good stability. Condition is more then excellent with 90 hours. Color: yellow. Location: London – United Kingdom [ GB ].
    Other item info: Bought 2015. It belongs to the friend who has been very careful with this one. In superb condition. Any test welcome if you are in UK. Here is the video:

    Code: cpk1
    1,450.00  1,250.00