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  • Buy second hand / used Ozone Zeolite GT an ultralight paraglider for hike and fly

    Ozone Zeolite GT (90-105 kg)


    FOR SALE: Ozone Zeolite GT

    size: ML
    produced: April 2021.
    weight range: 90-105 kg
    Price: 2700 EUR / 2925 USD / 2380 GBP.

    FREE Shipping worldwide! EN D class, easy handling, superb performance. Condition is excellent – 120 hours flown, colors: blue/orange/yellow/white, location: Rečica Ob Savinji – Slovenia [ SI ].
    Other item info: Glider is in fantastic condition and check was done recently, valid till 01/2025.


    Code: rkn5

  • Buy second hand / used paraglider for hike and fly Ozone Zeolite GT

    Ozone Zeolite GT (80-95 kg)


    FOR SALE: Ozone Zeolite GT

    Ultarlight paraglider for hike and fly

    size: MS

    manufactured: April 2022.

    weight range: 80-95 kg.

    Price: 2600 EUR / 2800 USD / 2290 GBP.

    Shipping to be calculated later. In EN D class this paraglider is a legend. Condition is excellent – 99 hours, colors: yellow/white/red/orange, location: Slovenia [ SI ].

    Other item info: Fantastic condition, flown mostly on Alpine grassy take offs and Colombia. It comes with concertina, but rucksack is available for 150 EUR extra. For serious customer I can arrange check done.

    The price is negotiable.

    Code: vgr14

  • Buy second hand / used Niviuk Klimber 2P ultralight paraglider for hike and fly

    Niviuk Klimber 2P


    FOR SALE: Niviuk Klimber 2P

    size: 20

    first flight: September 2022.

    weight range: 60-78 kg

    Price: 2900 EUR / 3075 USD / 2545 GBP.

    Shipping is extra cost. EN D certification, ultralight glider with great handling, made for hike and fly and long XC. Condition is perfect – 20 hours only, color: blizzard, location: Grenada – Spain [ ES ].

    Other item info: Perfect condition, low hours, it comes in compression bag.

    Need urgent sale. Negotiable.

    Code: jmn1

  • Sale! Buy second hand / used Ozone Zeno 2 paraglider

    Ozone Zeno 2 (85-100 kg)


    Attention thrill-seekers and sky warriors! Behold the Ozone Zeno 2 paraglider – the baddest, boldest, and most badass paraglider in the game. Don’t let its size fool you – this MS paraglider packs a punch that will leave you breathless and begging for more.

    Crafted with the utmost precision and care, this baby was manufactured in July 2022 and has only seen 49 hours in the air, making it practically brand spanking new. The blue color adds a touch of elegance and class, while the EN D class rating ensures top-notch performance that will take your paragliding experience to new heights.

    The Ozone Zeno 2 paraglider is the most advanced hi performer within the EN D category – meaning it’s perfect for expert paragliders who crave nothing but the best. No damages to report, good handling, and an impressive glide that will make your heart race and your hair stand on end.

    But wait, there’s more! This paraglider is negotiable – so you can get your hands on the most badass paraglider in the sky at a price that suits you. And with shipping available (extra cost, of course), you can take this beast anywhere your heart desires.

    So, what are you waiting for? Don’t settle for a mediocre paragliding experience – go big or go home with the Ozone Zeno 2 paraglider. Get your hands on the ultimate paragliding machine with code mbls3 – because nothing else even comes close.

  • Buy second hand / used Niviuk Peak 5 paraglider

    Niviuk Peak 5 (92-110 kg)


    FOR SALE: Niviuk Peak 5 paraglider

    Size: 24, purchased in February 2022., weight range: 92-110 kg.
    Price: 2650 EUR / 2850 USD / 2340 GBP.
    Colors: sonic
    Location: Šentjur – Slovenia [ SI ].

    Shipping to be caculated later. EN D certification, need really expereinced hand. Condition is mint – 38 hours only,

    Other item info: Purchased in February 2022. 38 hours since then. As good as new, no damages to report. Concertina and rucksack are included. Rucksack was never used, still in its original wrapping.

    Negotiable price, text me for details.

    Code: zvr1

  • Sale! Buy second hand / used Gin Leopard paraglider

    Gin Leopard (105-127 kg)


    FOR SALE: Gin Leopard paraglider

    Size: L, September 2019., weight range: 105-127 kg.
    Price: 2200 EUR / 2335 USD / 1940 GBP.
    Colors: white/red,
    Location: Serbia [RS].

    Shipping is extra. EN D cerification. Condition is excellent – 50 hours

    Other item info: Impeccable condition, low hours. Recent full check done and passed with flying colors. It comes with the biggest possible Gin rucksack (like for tandem) and concertina. Text me for more details.


    Code: nsk1

  • Sale! Buy Ozone Zeno paraglider in good condition

    Ozone Zeno glider (105-125 kg)


    FOR SALE: Ozone Zeno paraglider

    Size: L, manufactured: October 2018.
    Weight range: 105-125 kg.
    Price: 900 EUR / 950 USD / 775 GBP.
    Colors: lime/purple,
    Location: Parma – Italy [IT ].

    …plus shipping. EN D level, requires pilot with good skills. Condition is very good 250 hours, second set of lines installed 150 h,

    Other item info: Glider is in very good condition despite minor damages. It suffered some minor damages, two patches are present and one part on the cell was replaced. Everything done by professional workshop (see photos). Concertina is included. Check valid till 02/2023.


    Code: alss1

  • Sale!

    Ozone Zeno (95-110 kg)


    FOR SALE: Ozone Zeno

    size: ML,

    produced: June 2019.

    weight range: 95-110 kg.

    Price: 2000 EUR / 1965 USD / 1725 GBP.

    Shipping is additional cost. Certified as EN D class. Condition is excellent, with 207 hours of flying. Colors: gray/white, location: Lisabon – Portugal [ PT ].

    Other item info: New set of lines installed. Excellent condition. 1 hour of test flying after installing the new line set. No damages worth mentioning, so I presume the new owner will be satisfied.

    Negotiable price.

    Code: fss1

  • Sale!

    Ozone Mantra M7 (100-115 kg)


    FOR SALE: Ozone Mantra M7

    size: L,

    manufactured: May 2019.,

    weight range: 100-115 kg.

    Price: 1300 EUR / 1400 USD / 1145 GBP.

    Shipping: plus shipping. EN D certification. Condition in one word is excellent – 240 hours, colors: red/white/yellow, location: Montenegro [ ME ].

    Other item info: Paraglider is in superb condition, full check done and I will provide inspection documents to the serious buyer. There is on small patch and one line is damaged (see photos). New line is already ordered and it will be delivered any time soon. Till that moment one will have to satisfy with tied knot. It comes with concertina.

    Price is negotiable.

    Code: jnk3

  • Sale! Mantra M7 paraglider

    Ozone Mantra M7 (100-115 kg)


    FOR SALE: Ozone Mantra M7 paraglider

    Size: L, manufactured: May 2019., weight range: 100-115 kg.
    Price: 1300 EUR / 1385 USD / 1160 GBP.
    Colors: gray/white/blue,
    Location: Portugal [ PT ].

    Shipping is extra cost. Certified as EN D, condition of paraglider is excellent, 200 hours.

    Other item info: No need to present this glider. It flies, glides and handles like a dream. Recent full check done in Germany. Some lines replaced in professional workshop. Documents are available.


    Code: drt4

  • Sale! Buy second hand / used Flow XC Racer paraglider

    Flow XC Racer (85-105 kg)


    FOR SALE: Flow XC Racer

    size: M

    produced: 2019.

    weight range: 85-105 kg.

    Price: 1300 EUR / 1300 USD / 1110 GBP.

    Shipping is extra. EN D certification. Condition is excellent – 160 hours in the air, colors: blue/white/lime/black, location: Bosnia and Herzegovina [ BA ].

    Other item info: Recent check done. Risers are with acro handles. It comes with concertina only. No damages worth mentioning.

    I need to sell this baby urgently, price is negotiable.

    Code: djm1