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  • Sale! Red, white, and orange paraglider lying down majestically over a stunning front yard.

    Flow XC Racer (95-115 kg)


    FOR SALE: Flow XC Racer

    size: ML
    purchased: 2020.
    weight range: 95-115 kg
    Price: 1200 EUR /
    Shipping is extra. EN D certification, fantastic entry level competition paraglider. Condition is excellent – 60 hours, colors: red/white/orange, location: Bucharest – Romania [ RO ].
    Other item info: Not flown last 2 years because of weight lost. Still crispy and as good as new. No SIV or tree landings. No damages to the best of my knowledge.
    The price is negotiable.
    Code: krb1

  • Sale! Buy Ozone Zeno 2. A paraglider flying over a stunning landscape with vibrant colors, showcasing the thrill and beauty of paragliding.

    Ozone Zeno 2 (85-100 kg)


    FOR SALE: Ozone Zeno 2

    size: MS
    manufactured: June 2022.
    weight range: 85-100 kg
    Price: 2600 EUR / 2830 USD / 2225 GBP / 2570 CHF.
    Shipping is extra. Ultimate EN D paragladier. No need to waste words on this paraglider. Condition is excellent, hours in the air: 59, colors: YAI, location: Tenerife – Spain [ ES ].
    Other item info: Paraglider not flown much, due size limits, so seller ordered a bigger size. This one is as good as new and new owner will be one very happy man.
    Negotiable price a bit.
    Code: mnd1

  • Sale! Paraglider wing (Ozone Zeolite GT, size ML) in excellent condition

    Ozone Zeolite GT (90-105 kg)


    FOR SALE: Ozone Zeolite GT

    size: ML
    manufactured: April 2021.
    weight range: 90-105 kg
    Price: 1900 USD / 1760 EUR / 1520 GBP.
    Shipping is extra cost. EN D certification, condition is excellent – 170 hours flown so far, location: Melbourne – Australia [ AU ].
    Other item info: Ozone Zeolight GT for sale. Ultimate XC and fly and kike wing. No repairs no SIV. In great condition. 170 hours flown. Wing check valid until 19.1.2025.
    Negotiable price.
    Code: cbs1

  • Sale! Ozone Zeolite GT paraglider resting on green grass

    Ozone Zeolite GT (80-95 KG)


    FOR SALE: Ozone Zeolite GT

    size: MS
    manufactured: October 2021.
    weight range: 80-95 kg
    Price: 1700 EUR / 1820 USD / 1450 GBP.
    Shipping to be calculated later. This is certified as EN D paraglider. Condition is excellent – 140 hours, location: Parma – Italy [ IT ].
    Other item info: The sail has no damages, but there is a small patch after checking the fabric. Check is done few days ago and I will email inspection documents to interested party. Total hours: 140 hours. The backpack is not included.
    Negotiable price.
    Code: ctt1

  • Sale! A vibrant orange and white Ozone Zeolite GT paraglider soaring high against a clear blue sky.

    Ozone Zeolite GT (65-85 kg)


    FOR SALE: Ozone Zeolite GT

    size: S
    manufactured: February 2020.
    weight range: 65-85 kg
    Price: 1500 EUR / 1630 USD / 1485 CHF / 6385 PLN.
    Shipping is buyer’s expence. EN D classification, an ultarlight paraglider perfect for hike and fly and vol bovouc. Condition is very good – 115 hours flown, colors: orange/white, location: Slovenia [ SI ].
    Other item info: Used for XC on grassy takeoffs in Slovenian Alps. No damage, no SIV, no water. Concertina is included. I have full check done, documents will be presented to serious buyer.
    Price is negotiable.
    Code: krs4

  • Sale! A brand new, colorful paraglider lays gently on a room floor, its vibrant fabric hinting at the thrill of flight it offers.

    777 King 2 (70-85 kg)


    FOR SALE: 777 King 2

    size: S
    manufactured: January 2024.
    weight range: 70-85 kg
    Price: 2000 EUR / 2175 USD / 1715 GBP.
    Shipping at the expense of buyer. Flag ship of 777 factory, this is EN D paraglaider, condition is unused – 0 hours, location: Slovenia [ SI ].
    Other item info: Paraglider is new, zero hours. It comes with concertina.
    Negotiable price, urgent for sale.
    Code: irm3

  • Sale! Niviuk Klimber P paragliding wing in vibrant red, white, and blue resting on the floor. #NiviukKlimberP #ParaglidingForSale #AdventureWing #CrossCountryFlight #ParaglidingGear

    Niviuk Klimber P (85-110)


    FOR SALE: Niviuk Klimber P

    size: 24
    manufactured: 2018.
    weight range: 85-110 kg
    Price: 600 EUR / 650 USD / 515 GBP.
    Shipping is additional cost. EN D certification, condition: very good – 130 hours in total, colors: red/white/blue.
    Other item info: Ultralight machine made for hike and fly and long XC flights. Glider with similar performance to 2-liner Peak 4, but more stable and more refined handling since it has 3 risers. Concertina and rucksack are included. There are 3 damages present, check photos, where you can see one smaller part of cell has been replaced professionally by workshop.
    Negotiable price.
    Code: gjk1

  • Sale! A vibrant image showcasing the UP Meru paraglider, size L, against a backdrop of blue skies. The glider is neatly packed with a brand-new concertina and rucksack beside it, ready for an exhilarating flight.

    UP Meru (110-130 kg)


    FOR SALE: UP Meru

    size: L
    manufactured: 2019.
    weight range: 110-130 kg

    Price: 1800 EUR | 1940 USD | 1760 GBP
    Shipping is extra cost. EN D certification, fantastic handling, condition is excellent, used 120 hours, location: Reggio Emilia – Italy [ IT ].
    Other item info: Beautiful paraglider, top notch UP quality, it comes with new concertina and new rucksack (both never used). No damages worth mentioning to the best of my knowledge. Full check done recently. Text me if you have any questions.
    Negotiable price.
    Code: fnt6

  • Sale! Skywalk X-Alps 3 ultralight paraglider in excellent condition, perfect for hike and fly adventures and the X-Alps competition.

    Skywalk X-Alps 3 (80-95 kg)


    FOR SALE: Skywalk X-Alps 3

    size: S
    manufactured: April 2018.
    weight range: 80-95 kg

    Price: 900 EUR / 985 USD / 765 GBP.

    Shipping to be calculated later. EN D class, ultralight paraglider, made for hike and fly. Condition is excellent, used only 56 hours, colors: white/red/black, location: Serbia [ RS ].

    Other item info: Tested in May 2023. Porosity over 2000 seconds over the entire wingspan. One patch present, photo will be provided when it is found. :-) It comes in inner bag.

    Negotiable price, urgent sale needed.

    Code: iks3