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  • 777 Deck + full kit (beginner model)

    FOR SALE: 777 Deck + full kit

    size: M, year: 2016, range: 80-105 kg.
    Price: 1700 EUR / 2025 USD / 1455 GBP.
    Shipping is an extra cost. EN A level, for beginners in free-flying and paramotor world. Condition is mint – less than 12 hours, colors: blue/white/green.
    Other item info: The paraglider is in mint condition, used rarely. Nova N-10 harness and Kimfly FG35 reserve are part of the kit. I would like to sell the full kit in one go if possible.
    Kit contains:
    Wing: 777 Deck, EN A, 80-105 kg, M size, 2016., for beginners
    Harness: Nova N-10, 2016.
    Reserve: Kimfly FG35, up to 110 kg, 2016.
    Bonus: rucksack, carabiners.
    If you have any questions, feel free to ask me.
    The price is negotiable.
    Code: vgr8
    2,400.00  1,700.00 
  • Advance Sigma 8 (75-95 kg)

    FOR SALE: Advance Sigma 8

    size: 25, year: 2012., weight range: 75-95 kg.
    Price: 500 EUR / 600 USD / 442 GBP / 43734 INR.
    …+shipping. EN C level wing in very good condition, with about 150 hours. Color: orange, location: Cataluna, Spain.
    Other item info: Paraglider bought back in 2012. Not flown since 2018. It’s in very good condition and new owner will be satisfied.
    The price is negotiable.
    Code: vnt1
    650.00  500.00 
  • Airwave Magic 5 (105-120 kg)

    FOR SALE: Airwave Magic 5

    size: L, date: 6/2008., range: 105-120 kg.
    Price: 320 EUR / 385 USD / 275 GBP.
    Shipping: plus shipping. EN D level. Condition: excellent – 50 hours, colors: blue/yellow/white, location: Ljubljana – Slovenia [ SI ].
    Other item info: No issues to report, despite its age it is well preserved and not used too much. I can arrange porosity report soon. Only inner bag that comes with the glider.
    Code: ppv1
    360.00  320.00 
  • Airwave Mustang 2 (83-103 kg)

    FOR SALE: Airwave Mustang 2

    size: M, weight range: 83-103 kg.
    Price: 620 EUR / 730 USD / 530 GBP.
    Shipping: plus shipping, DHV 2/EN C level, made for intermedeate pilots. Condition: excellent – 70 hours. Location: Šentjur – Slovenia [ SI ].
    Other item info: As good as new and used very little all this time. I have recent inspection documents, porosity is 800+ seconds. Kit includes: paraglider, backpack, concertina bag, pod harness Airwave Ram M size, rescue Charly Sc 118, helmet Hi Tech. Traces of use are visible, especially the helmet, but considering the price, you get a lot of stuff for modest amount of money. I have no clue of real production year, just put it for the sake of the form to advertise it on PG forum. :D.
    Code: crt4
    700.00  620.00 
  • Axis Venus SC (85-105 kg)

    FOR SALE: Axis Venus SC

    size: M, date: August 2020., weight range: 85-105 kg.
    Price: 1750 EUR / 2100 USD / 1510 GBP.
    Shipping is extra. EN C skill level. Condition is excellent – 76 hours, custom colors, location: Netherlands [ NL ].
    Other item info: Used for long cross country flights, minimal abuse on the ground. No damages to report. Purchased in 08/2020.
    Negotiable a bit.
    Code: mbls2
    2,200.00  1,750.00 
  • BGD Base (100-120)

    FOR SALE: BGD Base

    Size: L, date: February 2018., weight range:100-120 kg.
    Price: 1100 EUR / 1322 USD / 950 GBP / 97676 INR.
    Shipping: plus shipping. EN B level, easy to use and rock solid wing. Condition: excellent – 40 hours, colors: glacier, location: New Delhi – India [ IN ].
    Other item info: Low hours, no issues to the best of my knowledge. This paraglider is good for beginners regardless if they are paramotor or free flying enthusiasts.
    Code: rht1
    1,400.00  1,100.00 
  • BGD Riot (75-105 kg)

    FOR SALE: BGD Riot

    size: M, purchased: 2020., 75-105 kg.
    Price: 2000 EUR / 2355 USD / 1710 GBP.
    Shipping: plus shipping. EN B level, beautiful handling and safety. Condition: excellent – 90 hours. Location: Cadiz – Spain [ ES ].
    Other item info: Fresh trim done and it is documented. I can send you documents in private message. Basically, no issues to report, one perfect and funny glider to fly. The best flying range is 75-95 kg, EN certification 75-105 kg.
    Code: vll1
    2,200.00  2,000.00 
  • DaVinci Rhythm (70-95 kg)

    FOR SALE: DaVinci Rhythm

    size: S,year: 2020., weight range: 70-95 kg.
    Price: 1500 EUR / 1773 USD / 1280 GBP.
    Shipping is extra. Beginner paragliders, EN A level. Condition: mint – 4 hours, colors: ocean.
    Other item info: Mint condition, low hours. No issues to report.
    Code: cppa2
    2,200.00  1,500.00 
  • DaVinci Tango (85-105 kg)

    FOR SALE: DaVinci Tango

    size: M, production date: October 2020., weight range: 85-105 kg.
    Price: 1950 EUR / 2305 USD / 1662 GBP.
    Shipping is extra cost. EN C skill level required. Mint condition, with 20 hours in the air. Color: blue/grey/yellow.
    Other item info: No issues or damage to report to the best of my knowledge. It comes with a concertina.
    Code: cppa3
    2,550.00  1,950.00 
  • Dudek Snake (50-105 kg)

    FOR SALE: Dudek Snake

    size: 16, manufactured: July 2014., weight range: 50-105 kg.
    Price: 950 EUR / 1150 USD / 822 GBP / 83675 INR.
    Shipping is extra. DGAC certification,condition: excellent – 70 hours, colors: snake red.
    Other item info: Very agile paramotor wing for slalom ride and maximum fun. It requires experienced hand. No issues to report to the best of my knowledge. Be advised: behavior of the wing changes as you change the loading.
    The price is negotiable.
    Code: clln10
    1,100.00  950.00 
  • Gin Camino (95-120 kg)

    FOR SALE: Gin Camino

    size: L, manufactured 11-2020., weight range: 95-120 kg.
    Price: 3300 EUR / 3910 USD / 2830 GBP.
    …plus shipping. EN C level, intermediate pilot skills required. It is in a mint condition: 6 hours. Colors: white-red-dark red. Location: Moscow – Russian Federation [ RU ].
    Other item info: the paraglider is in a mint condition, without damage, operated and stored very carefully, no SIV course, it comes with a lightweight backpack of 90 liters. This is ultralight wing, fantastic performance and safety for XC flights, combined with a low weight for hike and fly.
    The price is negotiable.
    Code: gln3
    3,600.00  3,300.00 
  • Gin Explorer (95-120)

    FOR SALE: Gin Explorer


    size: L, purchased: August 2020., weight range: 95-120 kg.
    Price: 2700 EUR / 3250 USD / 2333 GBP.
    Shipping is extra cost. EN B level, perfect for people who want maximum safety regardless if it is in paramotoring or free flying. Condition: mint – 3 hours, colors: blue/white, location: France [ FR ].
    Other item info: Only 3 hours in the air, as good as new. Purchased in August 2020. Rucksack is included.
    The price is negotiable.
    Code: gmz1
  • Gin Safari Tandem

    FOR SALE: Gin Safari Tandem

    size: 42, purchased: 2014., weight range: 130-221 kg.
    Price: 700 EUR / 832 USD / 600 GBP / 60295 INR.
    Shipping is extra. EN B class/Solo PG, Condition: Good – 90 hours, Colors: Orange/red/white, Location: Sallent – Spain [ ES ].
    Reason: Getting a new tandem.
    Other item info: This is a very good and famous tandem model. A true workhorse in the tandem industry. Tandem has been used, so traces of usual wear are present. I have the latest inspection documents, and I will send them to a serious buyer.
    Purchased in 2014-2015., if necessary I will send you the label with the serial number, so you can check on your own.
    The price is negotiable.
    Code: prt1
    800.00  700.00 
  • Niviuk Artik 5 (75-95 kg)

    FOR SALE: Niviuk Artik 5

    size: 24, date: November 2018., weigh range: 75-95 kg.
    Price: 1800 EUR / 2155 USD / 1565 GBP / 161960 INR.
    …plus shipping. EN C skill level. Condition: excellent – 50 hours, colors: blue/white/green, location: Bassano – Italy [ IT ].
    Other item info: Excellent condition, I am selling it on behalf of a third party. No damages to the best of my knowledge.
    Code: mnc1


    1,900.00  1,800.00 
  • Niviuk Peak 5 (92-110 kg)

    FOR SALE: Niviuk Peak 5

    size: 24, date: April 2020., weight range: 92-110 kg.
    Price: 2500 EUR / 3010 USD / 2170 GBP.
    Shipping is extra. EN D class, probably the best two liner out there to start with competitions and long XC flights. Condition is excellent – 80 hours flown, color: phoenix, location: Spain [ ES ].
    Other item info: Fantastic condition, no damages or issues to report to the best of my knowledge. You will get: Peak 5 + bag kargo 200 + NKarebag (concertina) + repair kit. Purchased: 04/2020.
    Negotiable to some extent.
    Code: bll1
    2,800.00  2,500.00 
  • Niviuk Peak 5 (95-110 kg)

    FOR SALE: Niviuk Peak 5

    size: 24, date: 9/2020., weigh range: 95-110 kg.
    Price: 3250 EUR / 3945 USD / 2826 GBP.
    Shipping: plus shipping. EN D level, ultimate flying machine. You can’t do any better then this. Period. Condition: mint – 5 hours, colors: black/blue, location: Ponikva – Slovenia [ SI ].
    Other item info: No issues to report. As good as new. Concertina and rucksack are included.
    Negotiable a bit, but not too much.
    Code: frr4