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  • Paramania Fusion (50-110 kg) PPG

    FOR SALE: Paramania Fusion

    size: 20, production year: 2010, range: 50-110 kg.

    Price: 600 EUR / 700 USD / 545 GBP / 51933 INR.

    Shipping is an extra cost. Condition: excellent, with 65 hours, colors: black/orange/white.
    Other item info: No certification for this size, bigger sizes are EN C. It can be used for motor flight or free-flying. It is in excellent condition, with no patches or holes to the best of my knowledge.

    Normal use: 50-80 kg
    Paramotor: 50-110 kg

    It comes with an inner bag.

    Negotiable a bit. Ask questions if you have them.

    Code: msk3

    650.00  600.00 
  • Tandem Icaro Parus 2

    FOR SALE: Tandem Icaro Parus 2

    size: 41,5; produced: August 2020., weight range: 130-230 kg.
    Price: 2400 EUR / 2920 USD / 2131 GBP / 213119 INR.
    Shipping: is extra cost. Fantastic and very robust tandem in EN B class. Condition is excellent, with 20 hours in the air. Color: green, Location: Serbia [ RS ].
    Other item info: Not used much, excellent condition despite one small damage on the lower surface (will add photos later). Lot of music for appropriate amount of money. It comes with spreader bars and inner bag.
    Negotiable and urgent to sell.
    Code: ksc2
    3,200.00  2,400.00