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  • Sale! sed Niviuk Ikuma 2 paraglider in excellent condition, perfect for beginner to intermediate pilots.

    Niviuk Ikuma 2 (65-85 kg)


    FOR SALE: Niviuk Ikuma 2

    size: S
    manufactured: January 2021.
    weight range: 65-85 kg
    Price: 1700 EUR | 1840 USD | 1455 GBP.
    Shipping is at buyer expense. EN B+ certification guarntees safe and easy use, condition is excellent – 180 hours, colors: gala, location: Barcelona – Spain [ ES ].
    Other item info: Paraglider is in perfect condition, no big damages to report, there is one small patch on it applied. Patch done by Niviuk, lines and porosity checked by Niviuk, and inspection documents are available for those who want to see them. Let me know if you have any question, I will be happy to answer them.
    Negotiable price.
    Code: sll1

  • Sale! Niviuk Icepeak X-One paraglider in vibrant Niviuk Team Colours, perfect for competitions.

    Niviuk Icepeak X-One (98-112 kg)


    FOR SALE: Niviuk Icepeak X-One

    size: 24
    purchased: December 2021.
    weight range: 98-112 kg
    Price: 1700 EUR / 1820 USD / 1445 GBP.
    Shipping is additional cost. Fantastic EN CCC paraglider for competitions and flying records. It is in fantastic condition, logged 82 hours, colors: Niviuk Team Colours, location: Barcelona – Spain [ ES ].
    Other item info: 82 hours flown only in competitions. No SIV, no ground handling. Always folded in concertina bag. Porosity 900 seconds. Green Niviuk Team colours with a centered competition number. Concertina is included.
    The price is negotiable.
    Code: pns2