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  • 777 Deck + full kit (beginner model)

    FOR SALE: 777 Deck + full kit

    size: M, year: 2016, range: 80-105 kg.
    Price: 1900 EUR / 2310 USD / 1717 GBP / 2046 CHF.
    Shipping is an extra cost. EN A level, for beginners in free-flying and paramotor world. Condition is mint – less than 12 hours, colors: blue/white/green.
    Other item info: The paraglider is in mint condition, used rarely. Nova N-10 harness and Kimfly FG35 reserve are part of the kit. I would like to sell the full kit in one go if possible.
    Kit contains:
    Wing: 777 Deck, EN A, 80-105 kg, M size, 2016., for beginners
    Harness: Nova N-10, 2016.
    Reserve: Kimfly FG35, up to 110 kg, 2016.
    Bonus: rucksack, carabiners.
    If you have any questions, feel free to ask me.
    The price is negotiable.
    Code: vgr8
    2,400.00  1,900.00 
  • Advance Alpha 6 (100-145 kg)

    FOR SALE: Advance Alpha 6

    size: 31, manufactured: March 2017., weigh range: 100-145 kg.
    Price: 1000 EUR / 1187 USD / 895 GBP.
    Shipping to be paid extra. This is a beginner wing for heavy weigh champion, EN A+ level, meant to be first wing after school. Condition: mint, with 2 hours in the air. Colors: lime/dark red/white. Location: Stuttgart – Germany [ DE ].
    Other item info: Oh, you will like it. You are definitely going to like it. Maybe you are a motor head or maybe you are a free flyer, but safety and famous Advance quality will make you addicted to the sport. 2 hours in the air, 20 short flights. 3 small holes made from a thorny bush, repaired professionally (see pics). Included: rucksack and inner bag.
    Code: ggo3
    1,400.00  1,000.00 
  • BGD Base

    FOR SALE: BGD Base

    Size: L, date: February 2018., weight range:100-120 kg.
    Price: 1300 EUR / 1595 USD / 1173 GBP / 116625 INR.
    Shipping: plus shipping. EN B level, easy to use and rock solid wing. Condition: excellent – 40 hours, colors: glacier, location: New Delhi – India [ IN ].
    Other item info: Low hours, no issues to the best of my knowledge. This paraglider is good for beginners regardless if they are paramotor or free flying enthusiasts.
    The price is negotiable.
    Code: rht1
    1,500.00  1,300.00 
  • Niviuk Koyot 3P (95-115 kg)

    FOR SALE: Niviuk Koyot 3P

    size: 28, dated: January 2020., weight range: 95-115 kg.
    Price: 1500 EUR / 1825 USD / 1345 GBP.
    Shipping is extra cost. If you are looking a beginner model regardless of your paramotor or free flying orinetatition, this is the wing for you. Made os ultralight materials, it will keep your packing volume down. Condition is mint , with 5 hours in the air. Color: clover. Located in Russia[ RU ].
    Other item info: No damages to the best of my knowledge, used by beginner after the initial training. Included: rucksack 150 l, inner bag, repair kit and concertina.
    Code: lnv12
    1,750.00  1,500.00 
  • Nova Ion 5 (70-90 kg)

    FOR SALE: Nova Ion 5

    size: XS, dated: September 2019., range: 70-90 kg.
    Price: 2300 EUR / 2680 USD / 2065 GBP.
    Shipping to be calculated later. This is the most famous EN B low wing and I will not waste any words praising it. Basically it is in mint condition, with about 10 hours in the air.
    No SIV course, no damages worth mentioning.
    Code: kca2
  • Skywalk Masala 3 (85-105 kg)

    FOR SALE: Skywalk Masala 3

    size: M, year: 2019., weight range: 85-105 kg
    Price: 1900 EUR / 2215 USD / 1705 GBP / 166337 INR.
    Shipping is extra cost. Beautiful beginner wing for paramotor and free flying. EN A class paraglider, rock stabile. Condition: mint, just 2 hours, colors: red/white. Location: United Kingdom [ GB ].
    Other item info: No problems to report, mint condition.
    Negotiable a bit.
    Code: kca1