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  • Sale! Buy second hand / used Tandem BGD Dual 2

    BGD Dual 2 Tandem


    FOR SALE: Tandem BGD Dual 2

    size: 40

    dated: February 2020.

    weight range: 110-210 kg.

    Price: 2100 EUR / 2220 USD / 1850 GBP.

    …plus shipping. EN B class, tandem that really delivers the joy. Condition is excellent, with 130 hours of use, color: poppy, location: Rome – Italy [ IT ].

    Other item info: Brilliant tandem, well preserved, inspection documents are available, so ask for your copy if interested. It is tandem only for sale, no spreader bars etc.

    The price is negotiable and I need to sell it urgently.

    Code: mff3