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  • Sale! Buy second hand / used tandem kit Gradient BiGolden

    Gradient BiGolden + Full Tandem Kit


    FOR SALE: Gradient BiGolden + Full Tandem Kit

    size: 42
    manufactured: 2009., weight range: 140-220 kg.
    Price: 1170 EUR / 1285 USD / 1145 GBP.

    Shipping to be calculated later. EN B class, no need to waste words to desribe handling and safety of this well known tandem paraglider. Condition is good – 90 hours, colors: Yellow/red/white.

    Other item info: Tandem Gardient BiGolden is in good condition, recent porosity test has been conducted and I will send the document to interested parties. There are some stains and dirty spots from insects or grass, but overall condition is good.
    If you take the whole kit, price can go down. Pilot and passenger harnesses are present, traces of use are well documented through photos, please check them all and I will email additional photos if needed. There are minor damages on the harnesses, no structural damage, no safety is compromised, but future owner will need to fix cosmetic issues.

    Full package contains:
    1. Tandem Gradient BiGolden, 1 piece
    2. Pilot harness Supair, 1 piece
    3. Passenger haress Supair, 1 piece
    4. Reserve up to 150 kg MCC Aviation, 1 piece (fresh repack)
    5. Spreader bars, 2 pieces
    6. Carabiners, 6 pieces
    7. Gradient rucksack, 1 piece

    Contact me for more details.
    Price is negotiable if you take the full kit.
    Code: rdn2