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  • Mac Marvel Light (80-98 kg)

    FOR SALE: Mac Marvel Light

    (ultralight wing)
    size: 25, manufactured: 6/2012., weight range: 80-98 kg.
    Price: 550 EUR / 655 USD / 500 GBP / 48724 INR.
    Shipping to be calculated later. EN C class wing. Condition: very good – 150 hours, colors: red/gray/white.
    Other item info: In very good condition, fantastic intermediate paraglider. Exceptional handling.
    Code: tvk20


    750.00  500.00 
  • Niviuk Artik 3 (90-110 kg)

    FOR SALE: Niviuk Artik 3

    size: 27, purchased: 2011., wit a weight range of: 90-110 kg.
    Price: 490 EUR / 600 USD / 445 GBP / 44019 INR.
    Shipping: plus shipping. EN C level of skill. Condition: good – 170 hours, colors: white/orange/dark red.
    Other item info: The wing is very safe and stable for its class. Recent porosity check done and I will send it on demand to a serious buyer. There is a small hole one the top surface, about 1 cm in diameter, but I couldn’t find it to take a photo. It is repaired wit a patch and represents only cosmetic issue. Paraglider comes with inner bag only.
    The price is negotiable. I need to sell it quickly.
    Code: rbr1
    550.00  490.00 
  • Niviuk Artik 5

    FOR SALE: Niviuk Artik 5

    size: 24, date: November 2018., weigh range: 75-95 kg.

    Price: 1900 EUR / 2256 USD / 1695 GBP.

    …plus shipping. EN C skill level. Condition: excellent – 50 hours, colors: blue/white/green, location: Bassano – Italy [ IT ].

    Other item info: Excellent condition, I am selling it on behalf of a third party. No damages to the best of my knowledge.


    Code: mnc1

  • Skywalk Cayenne 6

    FOR SALE: Skywalk Cayenne 6

    Size: S, date: September 2020., weight range:85-105 kg.

    Price: 2800 EUR / 3305 USD / 2520 GBP.

    Shipping: to be paid extra. EN C level, lively intermediate paraglider. Condition: mint – 3 hours, location: United Kingdom [ GB ].

    Other item info: The wing is as good as new. Bought for testing purposes.

    The price is negotiable.

    Code: hbs7

  • UP Trango XC3 (78-100 kg)

    FOR SALE: UP Trango XC3

    size: SM, manufactured: April 2016., weigh range: 78-100 kg.
    Price: 700 EUR / 826 USD / 634 GBP / 60947 INR.
    Shipping to be capitulated later. This is EN C level paraglider, for intermediate pilot experience. It is on very good condition with 200 hours. Colors: orange/gray/white/black. Location: Poland [ PL ].
    Other item info: The paraglider is in very god condition. Inspection documents are available (check done by UP factory), but check will expire soon. Traces of normal use present, but everything works fine as expected from famous UP quality. You will be satisfied considering the amount of money you are going to invest. It comes with rucksack and concertina.
    Negotiable price.
    Code: lis2