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  • "777 Queen 2 paraglider soaring through the sky"

    777 Queen 2 (79-99 kg)


    FOR SALE: 777 Queen 2

    size: MS
    manufactured: December 2017.
    weight range: 79-99 kg
    Price: 590 EUR / 630 USD / 500 GBP.
    Shipping at the cost of buyer. EN C/Solo PG, Condition: Good – 200 hours, Colors: /, Location: Belgium [ BE ]
    Other item info: Paraglider is in good condition with 200 hours of flying. Not used much lately, last porosity measurement 102 seconds. Unfortunately, inspection documents is lost, so you will have to trust me on this. Not flown since then.
    Code: clln14

  • Sale! Gin Basis Paragliding Harness

    Gin Basis (S)


    FOR SALE: Gin Basis

    size: S
    Price: 220 EUR / 235 USD / 190 GBP.
    …plus shipping. Harness for total beginner, robust meterials, good back protection for clumsy landings. Condition: very good.
    Other item info: Olide but goldie. I am not sure what year this is manufactured, but looks very good for its age. Price is negotiable a bit.
    Code: asm3