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  • Sale! Buy Ozone Zeno 2. A paraglider flying over a stunning landscape with vibrant colors, showcasing the thrill and beauty of paragliding.

    Ozone Zeno 2 (85-100 kg)


    FOR SALE: Ozone Zeno 2

    size: MS
    manufactured: June 2022.
    weight range: 85-100 kg
    Price: 2600 EUR / 2830 USD / 2225 GBP / 2570 CHF.
    Shipping is extra. Ultimate EN D paragladier. No need to waste words on this paraglider. Condition is excellent, hours in the air: 59, colors: YAI, location: Tenerife – Spain [ ES ].
    Other item info: Paraglider not flown much, due size limits, so seller ordered a bigger size. This one is as good as new and new owner will be one very happy man.
    Negotiable price a bit.
    Code: mnd1

  • DaVinci Tango Paraglider for Sale - EN C Level Certified - Mint Condition - Kowary, Poland

    DaVinci Tango (95-120 kg)


    FOR SALE: DaVinci Tango

    size: L
    manufactured: July 2023.
    weight range: 95-120 kg
    Price: 2500 EUR / 2640 USD / 2180 GBP.
    Shipping is not included into the price. EN C level, condition mint, used only 10 hours, colors: blue, location: Kowary – Poland [ PL ].
    Other item info: Mint condition, no damages, no issues. Period. You will get accessories that come with it originally, too.
    Code: orl1