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  • Sale! An image capturing the unboxing moment of the Niviuk Link 2 paramotor wing, revealing its pristine condition and accessories, including the rucksack and speedy bag.

    Niviuk Link 2 (90-145 kg)


    FOR SALE: Niviuk Link 2 (paramotor)

    size: 25
    purchased: March 2021.
    weight range: 90-145 kg

    Price: 2300 EUR / 2500 USD / 1965 GBP.

    Shipping is extra. For paramotor use, condition: never used – 0 hours, colors: cherimoya, location: Portugal [ PT ].

    Other item info: Brand new, never flown, 0 hours. It comes with rucksack and speedy bag.

    Negotiable a bit.
    Code: drt3

  • Buy brand new Minari Stratos engine for paramotor flight

    Minari Stratos Paramotor


    Minari Stratos

    FREE Shipping to the USA

    – ENGINE 2 strokes
    – CYLINDER Aluminum, 6 ports with nickel-silicon
    plating, horizontal opposed
    – PISTON 2 rings thickness, 1.2mm chromed steel
    – BORE & STROKE 66×56,8
    – CUBIC CAPACITY 388cc
    – INLET Crankcase reed valve with 4 petals
    – MAX POWER HP 50 AT 8000 RPM
    – IGNITION Electronic with variable advance
    – ALTERNATOR 12V 80W
    – REDUCTION Pulley ratio 1:3,1
    – ENGINE SUPPORTS # 4 Special engine mounts
    – FUEL Unleaded gasoline + 2,5% of
    synthetic oil
    – ROTATION SENSE Frontal anti-clockwise
    – AIR FILTER Airbox
    – BATTERY CHARGE Output power 80W at 5.000 Rpm
    – SPARK PLUG CAP CAP Anti-jamming
    – THRUST 135 Kg with 3 blade prop – Helix Ø 150 / 130 Kg with 2 blade prop – Helix Ø 160

    -Weight: Kg 37,9 (excluding battery). Equivalent to 83.55 pounds or 1336.8 ounces

    FREE Shipping to the USA, delivery time 35-45 days, in a wooden box dimensions 83 x 83 x 52 cm – approx. 70 kg bruto (equal to 154 pounds and 5 ounces)


  • Buy second hand / used paramotor paraglider Dudek Boson

    Dudek Boson


    FOR SALE: Dudek Boson paramotor paraglider

    size: 31
    manufactured: September 2020.
    weight range: 140-260 kg (competition load up to 300 kg).

    Price: 3300 EUR / 3510 USD / 2930 GBP.

    Shipping is extra cost. Powered paraglider, fantastic speed, easy to handle, condition is mint, with under 5 hours in the air. Color: harmony, location: Croatia [ HR ].

    Reason: Need bigger wing.

    Other item info: The wing has less than 5 hours, beautiful harmony color. Bigger PPG wing is needed for heavy trike. The wing is amazing, it is super smooth and efficient XC wing like Hadron 3, but for trike. No damages to the best of my knowledge, new owner will be very happy.

    The price is negotiable. Text me for more info.

    Code: nst1

  • Sale! Buy second hand Icaro Cyber TE paraglider

    Icaro Cyber TE (95-128 kg)


    FOR SALE: Icaro Cyber TE paraglider

    size: L

    purchased: 2017.

    weight range: 95-128 kg.

    Price: 1000 EUR / 1090 USD / 855 GBP.

    Shipping is extra cost. EN A certification, rock solid, perfect beginner paraglider. It is in a mint condition, 15 hours in the air or less, color: red, location: Rome – Italy [ IT ].

    Other item info: Purchased 2017.with a maximum of 20 flights, all under one hour, revised in 2020., and never flown again. Excellent condition, as good as one can get. Included: inner bag.

    The price is negotiable.
    Code: alb1