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  • Apco NRG Pro 2 (70-155 kg) PPG

    FOR SALE: Apco NRG Pro 2

    size: 19.5, manufactured: 8/2019.
    70-120 kg is free flight weight
    70-155 kg is powered flight weight.
    Price: 1800 EUR / 1970 USD / 1606 GBP / 1911 CHF.
    …plus shipping. Powered and free flying paraglider. Condition: mint – 10 hours, colors: blue/white/black. Location: Djurdjevac – Croatia [ HR ].
    Other item info: Great and agile wing for experienced pilots who ask for top notch maneuverability. It is in fantastic condition.
    The price is negotiable. I need to see this wing sold urgently.
    Code: jls1
    2,200.00  1,800.00 
  • Dudek Snake 55-120 kg (paramotor)

    FOR SALE: Dudek Snake

    size: 18, dated: 4/2014., weight range: 55-120 kg.

    Price: 900 EUR / 986 USD / 800 GBP.

    Shipping to be calculated later. Certification DGAC, very agile powered paraglider. Condition: good – 150 hours, colors: red/white, location: Djurdjevac – Croatia [ HR ].

    Other item info: For real pilots who appreciate slalom ride and extra edge of its maneuverability. Inspection documents available. Several patches present, nothing alarming. Comes with fast pack bag.


    Code: jls2

  • MacPara Eden 5 (105-130 kg)

    FOR SALE: MacPara Eden 5

    size: 30, DOM: 6/2014, weight range: 105-130 kg.

    Price: 1800 USD / 1603 EUR / 1385 GBP.

    Plus shipping, EN B class. The paraglider is in excellent condition, about 65 hours. Perfect for paramotor and free flying.

    Colors: Grey/black/red, Location: Alabama, Fort Mitchell – United States [ US ].

    Reason: Wrong size.

    Other item info: Superb wing for pilots who want high level of safety and fun handling. I think I don’t have to introduce this lovely model from Mac Para.

    I am selling this on behalf of a third party. Wrong size is the reason of sale.

    Negotiable a bit, let me know if you have questions.

    Code: jms1

    1,900.00  1,603.00 
  • Paramania Fusion (50-110 kg) PPG

    FOR SALE: Paramania Fusion

    size: 20, production year: 2010, range: 50-110 kg.

    Price: 650 EUR / 773 USD / 588 GBP / 57766 INR.

    Shipping is an extra cost. Condition: excellent, with 65 hours, colors: black/orange/white.

    Other item info: No certification for this size, bigger sizes are EN C. It can be used for motor flight or free-flying. It is in excellent condition, with no patches or holes to the best of my knowledge.

    Normal use: 50-80 kg

    Paramotor: 50-110 kg

    It comes with an inner bag.

    Negotiable a bit. Ask questions if you have them.

    Code: msk3

  • Phi Tenor (110-130 kg)

    FOR SALE: Phi Tenor

    size: 25, manufactured: November 2019., and weight range is 110-130 kg.
    Price: 2500 EUR / 2686 USD / 2306 GBP.
    Shipping: plus shipping. Skill level: EN B. The wing is meant for free flying and PPG. Condition: mint – 30 hours. Colors: blue/orange.
    Other item info: No damages, no SIV, no acro, flown very little. This wing is made for free flying and paramotoring.
    Free flight weight range is 105-130 kg.
    Paramotor flight range is 130-170 kg.
    Code: flc2
    2,990.00  2,500.00 
  • Sol Effect XT 70-120 kg (PPG)

    FOR SALE: Sol Effect XT (PPG paraglider)

    This is very nice paramotor wing in XS size, manufactured: July 2018., and with a weight range of 70-120 kg.

    Price: 1600 EUR / 1814 USD / 1432 GBP / 9450 BRL.

    Shipping is extra. DGAC certification, for powered flight. It is in superb condition, with 25 hours (see porosoty readings). Color: blue, location: Sao Paulo – Brazil [ BR ].

    Other item info: 18,4 m2, mint condition, low hours, no damages.

    The price is negotiable.

    Code: lgh3

    2,200.00  1,600.00 
  • Swing Sting 2 (95-115 kg) PPG (116-145 kg)

    FOR SALE: Swing Sting 2

    size: L, manufactured: April 2016., weight range for free flight is 95-115 kg, powered flight is 116-145 kg.

    Price: 1700 EUR / 1835 USD / 1423 GBP / 2780 AUD.

    Shipping is extra. Certification EN A @ trim, EN B @ speed, LTF 23/05 / DGAC if under power. This great and versatile wing is in the mint condition, with 10 hours of airtime. Colors: turquoise/green/white. Location: Malaga – Spain [ ES ].

    Other item info: This is the perfect beginner wing for paramotor and free flying. First flight August 2018., low hours, no damages (some lines changed after rocky take off as cover was damaged). EN A class when flying at trim speed, EN B accelerated.


    Code: vcn1

    2,000.00  1,700.00