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  • Sale! Buy second hand / used convertible hike and fly harness

    AirVuisa Mosquioto+


    FOR SALE: AirVuisa Mosquioto+

    one size fits all

    manufactured: 2019.

    Price: 300 EUR / 330 USD / 265 GBP.

    Shipping is extra. Condition is mint – 2 flights only. Colors: black/green, location: Serbia [ RS ].

    Other item info: Fantastic ultralight convertible harness for hike and fly. Regardless if you need rucksack or a seat to fly, this is item you must have for mountains. Only 2 flights used, it is picking up the dust under the bed. Basically as good as new, no damages.

    Included: speed bar, cockpit for front mounted reserve, Y dyneema bridle. Carabiners are not included.

    Negotiable a bit. Text me if you have questions.

    Code: dzn2