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  • Sale! Ozone Delta 3 paraglider, size L, EN C certified, excellent condition, 130 hours of airtime, green-yellow-green color.

    Ozone Delta 3 (95-115 KG)


    FOR SALE: Ozone Delta 3

    size: L
    manufactured: January 2019.
    weight range: 95-115 kg
    Price: 1200 EUR Shipping is extra. EN C certification, the coolest paraglider ever at moment of appearance of the market. Condition is excellent, airtime – 130 hours, colors: green-yellow-green, location: Zgorzelec (Poland) / Goerlitz – Germany.
    Other item info: For sale Delta 3, only 130 hours in the air. 1 small repaired insect hole, no other damages, check photo. Full check done few months ago. It comes in inner bag. It can be seen or shipped from Zgorzelec (Poland) or Goerlitz (Germany).
    Negotiable price.
    Code: bdr1