Sting 2

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  • Swing Sting 2 (95-115 kg) PPG (116-145 kg)

    FOR SALE: Swing Sting 2

    size: L, manufactured: April 2016., weight range for free flight is 95-115 kg, powered flight is 116-145 kg.

    Price: 1700 EUR / 1835 USD / 1423 GBP / 2780 AUD.

    Shipping is extra. Certification EN A @ trim, EN B @ speed, LTF 23/05 / DGAC if under power. This great and versatile wing is in the mint condition, with 10 hours of airtime. Colors: turquoise/green/white. Location: Malaga – Spain [ ES ].

    Other item info: This is the perfect beginner wing for paramotor and free flying. First flight August 2018., low hours, no damages (some lines changed after rocky take off as cover was damaged). EN A class when flying at trim speed, EN B accelerated.


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    2,000.00  1,700.00