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  • Sale! Buy Ozone Zeno 2. A paraglider flying over a stunning landscape with vibrant colors, showcasing the thrill and beauty of paragliding.

    Ozone Zeno 2 (85-100 kg)


    FOR SALE: Ozone Zeno 2

    size: MS
    manufactured: June 2022.
    weight range: 85-100 kg
    Price: 2600 EUR / 2830 USD / 2225 GBP / 2570 CHF.
    Shipping is extra. Ultimate EN D paragladier. No need to waste words on this paraglider. Condition is excellent, hours in the air: 59, colors: YAI, location: Tenerife – Spain [ ES ].
    Other item info: Paraglider not flown much, due size limits, so seller ordered a bigger size. This one is as good as new and new owner will be one very happy man.
    Negotiable price a bit.
    Code: mnd1

  • AirDesign Vivo Paraglider - Excellent condition, March 2021, size M, EN B certified, negotiable price.

    AirDesign Vivo (85-105 kg)


    FOR SALE: AirDesign Vivo

    size: M
    manufactured: March 2021.
    weight range: 85-105 kg
    Price: 1500 USD / 1415 EUR / 1230 GBP.
    Shipping at the buyer’s expense. EN B certification, very easy to fly and condition is excellent, logged: 60 hours, location: Santa Cruz, CA – United States [ US ].
    Other item info: Paraglider is in great shape, but two patches are present (see photos). Repair carried out by professionals in Eagle, USA. Full check done in May 2023. Documents will be presented to the interested party. Currently have Ozone brake handles on, but have the original AirDesign ones if you’d prefer. Ah, yes, Flow concertina bag included.
    Negotiable price.
    Code: grs1