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  • Sale! A vibrant green, white, and orange paraglider soars effortlessly through a clear green grass, inviting you to join the adventure.

    Advance Pi 3 (65-100 kg


    FOR SALE: Advance Pi 3

    size: 21
    manufactured: October 2020.
    weight ranges: 65-100 kg
    Price: 2000 USD / 1820 EUR / 1575 GBP.
    Shipping to be calculated later. EN A/B certification depending of the wing load. Condition is excellent, logged only 40 hours, colors: geen/white/orange, location: Newport Beach – United States [ US ].
    Other item info: This is fantastic paraglider for beginners at one side if loaded lightely, and EN B low soaring machine on other side, if loaded heavily. You chose what you want and this is what makes this wing so funny and versatile for every beginner pilot.

    *EN A from 60-85 kg
    *EN B from 85-100 kg 3

    small patches shown in photos on the far right wingtip. New risers installed this month. Comes with Advance compression sack and off brand concertina, no backpack. Happy to split inspection cost with serious buyer. Message with any questions. Thanks.
    Negotiable price.

    Code: mtr1