777 Rook 3 (105-119 kg)


FOR SALE: 777 Rook 3

size: L
manufactured: March 2021.
weight range: 105-119 kg
Price: 1285 EUR / 1395 USD / 1125 GBP.
Shipping to be paid by buyer. EN B+ safety lavel and condition is excellent, with 100 hours logged, colors: blue, location: Croatia [ HR ]
Other item info: Fantastic EN B+ paraglider with great performance. There are 4 patches, they are very small, besides that, there are no issues to report. New owner will be very happy.
The price is negotiable.
Code: ljb1

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Attention! Paragliding pilots with some experience with flying.

For sale is an awesome 777 Rook 3 paraglider in excellent condition.

This paraglider is perfect for pilots of some experience, whether you’re just starting out in performance world or you’re a seasoned pro. It’s easy to fly and has great performance, making it ideal for cross-country flying, soaring, and acro.

The Rook 3 is an EN B+ paraglider, which means that it’s very safe and forgiving. It’s also very stable, making it ideal for flying in windy conditions.

This particular Rook 3 is in excellent condition, with only minor signs of use, see photos with 4 patches made by grass hoppers. It’s been well-cared for and it’s ready for many more hours of flying.

Here are some of the benefits of the 777 Rook 3 paraglider:

  • Awesome performance
  • Excellent headwind penetration capability
  • Easy to fly and stable
  • EN B+ safety level
  • Excellent condition

If you’re looking for a high-performance, safe, and easy-to-fly paraglider, the 777 Rook 3 is the perfect choice for you.

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