BGD Cure 2 (75-95 kg)



size: M
manufactured: January 2020.
weight range: 75-95 kg

Price: 1700 EUR | 1855 USD | 1455 GBP.

Shipping to be caculated later. EN C Condition is excellent – 122 hours, location: Setubal – Portugal [ PT ].

Other item info: No patches, no SIV, check done and it passed with flying colors in May 2023. Concertina and rucksack will be sent as well. Rucksack is a bit dirty is some spots, but in good condition. Risers may be bit dirty, but report says this paraglider will keep you airborne for years to come if taken care of properly.

The price is negotiable.

Code: mrg1

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Introducing the BGD Cure 2: Elevate Your Flying Experience!

Attention, esteemed professionals of the sky! We present to you the BGD Cure 2, a paraglider meticulously crafted to redefine your aerial pursuits. With a serious tone befitting your unwavering dedication, allow us to illuminate the brilliance and inspiration behind this exceptional flying machine.

Constructed in January 2020, this remarkable size M paraglider boasts a weight range of 75-95 kg, perfectly tailored to suit your needs. Its pristine EN C Condition is a testament to its exceptional care, having been diligently used for a mere 122 hours. Located in Setubal, Portugal [PT], this airborne gem awaits its deserving pilot.

Rest assured, this paraglider has triumphed in its recent May 2023 check with flying colors. No patches or SIV tests to worry about, as this impeccable beauty has passed all inspections flawlessly. Delivered to you with a concertina and rucksack, the latter, albeit sporting a few dirt spots, remains in good condition. Remember, the risers may be slightly dirty, but the report confidently assures you that this paraglider will keep you soaring for years to come, provided you bestow upon it the proper care it deserves.

Embark on your next airborne adventure with the BGD Cure 2, and revel in the knowledge that its price is negotiable, ensuring accessibility for professionals like yourself. Priced at a competitive 1700 EUR, 1855 USD, or 1455 GBP, the BGD Cure 2 is an investment that promises to elevate your flying aspirations to new heights.

Don’t delay in seizing this unparalleled opportunity! Unlock the potential of the skies with the BGD Cure 2. Act swiftly, using code mrg1, to secure your chance to conquer the heavens. Remember, true professionals demand the best, and the BGD Cure 2 delivers beyond compare.