BGD Cure (60-80 kg)



size: S
manufactured: February 2021.
weight range: 60-80 kg

Price: 850 USD / 780 EUR / 670 GBP.

Shipping is extra. EN C certification, paraglider is in good condition, used around 250 hours, colors: enzyme, location: Marina, CA -USA.

Other item info: Full check done last month, not flown since then. Glider is in good condition, regardless of some stains and traces of use that are visible (see photos). Fun and safe glider to fly. Rucksack is included. I am not sure about production date, so check labels I included with the manufacturer.

The price is negotiable.

Code: bwm3

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Introducing the BGD Cure: Your Path to Soaring Horizons

Unleash your passion for paragliding with the BGD Cure, a remarkable S-sized paraglider meticulously manufactured in February 2021. Crafted to cater to aviators weighing between 60 to 80 kilograms, this paraglider epitomizes excellence in design and performance, offering an unparalleled experience in the skies.

With an asking price of 850 USD, 780 EUR, or 670 GBP, the BGD Cure presents an irresistible opportunity to elevate your paragliding adventures. Please note, shipping costs are separate. Rest assured, the BGD Cure boasts an EN C certification, ensuring that it meets stringent safety standards, granting you peace of mind as you chase the wind.

Having graced the skies for around 250 hours, the BGD Cure wears its usage with pride, displayed in its unique and captivating enzyme colors. Currently located in Marina, CA – USA, this paraglider is your gateway to soaring above picturesque landscapes, offering the thrill you seek while maintaining an unwavering focus on safety.

A comprehensive check was performed just last month, assuring its impeccable condition. Although it bears a few visible stains and traces of use, these are mere testaments to the adventures it has embarked upon. Rest assured, its performance remains uncompromised, providing both fun and security on every flight.

Included with the BGD Cure is a rucksack, designed to complement your paragliding experience and make transportation a breeze. Additionally, please examine the labels thoughtfully provided for insights into its production date.

The icing on the cake? The price is negotiable, making the BGD Cure an even more attractive prospect for passionate paragliders like you. Unlock the skies, embrace the thrill, and make the BGD Cure your partner in conquering the heavens.

Your soaring dreams await – don’t miss your chance to own the BGD Cure. Use code “bwm3” to embark on a new chapter of exhilarating paragliding endeavors. Seize the skies today!

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