Corsair M25Y Black Devil


FOR SALE: Corsair M25Y Black Devil

Production year: 2016.
Price: 1800 EUR / 1905 USD / 1560 GBP.

Buyer pays the shipping, condition is excellent – 40 hours.

Other item info:

  • Corsair M25Y Black Devil
  • Direct drive and pull starter
  • Reduction 1:2,6 40h Wood propeller 122cm
  • Fuel tank 12L Harness Supair size L with container
  • Hand made aluminium cage TIG Welding.
  • Price is negotiable a bit. Buyer pays the shipping.

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Looking for an adrenaline-fueled adventure that will give you a real punch in the back? Look no further than the Corsair M25Y Black Devil paramotor! This incredible machine, produced in 2016, is now available for sale at an unbeatable price of 1800 EUR / 1905 USD / 1560 GBP.

With a direct drive and pull starter, this paramotor delivers an unparalleled level of power and performance. Its 1:2.6 reduction and wood propeller measuring 122cm will give you an edge in the sky, allowing you to soar to new heights with ease. And with a fuel tank capacity of 12L, you can stay airborne longer and experience the thrill of flight like never before.

The Corsair M25Y Black Devil is not just a machine – it’s a work of art. Its hand-made aluminum cage, crafted with TIG welding, adds to its sleek and stylish appearance. And with a Supair size L harness and container, you can be sure that you’re comfortable and secure as you take to the skies.

This paramotor is in excellent condition, with only 40 hours of use. And with a negotiable price and shipping paid by the buyer, there’s never been a better time to take your passion for flight to the next level. Don’t wait – grab the Corsair M25Y Black Devil paramotor today and experience the ultimate rush of flight! Use code msk7 to make it yours.

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