Dudek Colt 2 (85-105 kg)


FOR SALE: Dudek Colt 2

size: 25
manufactured: April 2021.
weight range: 85-105 kg
Price: 2000 EUR / 2140 USD / 1720 GBP.
Shipping is extra cost. EN C certification, and condition is excellent with 40 hours, color: water, location: Camano – United States [ US ].
Other item info: This is an exceptional thermal machine. Owner is flying significantly less hours and it’s not enough to stay current and proficient on an EN-C so he have stepped down to an EN-B.
Purchased last year and manufactured in April 2021. It has approx. 30 flights on it and is in perfect condition except one small patch that Iit was repaired in both sides when the wing snagged a stick on the ground. Everything else is in perfect, like new condition.
The price is negotiable.
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Unleash Your Inner Thermal Beast with the Dudek Colt 2!

Calling all adventurous pilots! Ready to tap into the magic of thermals and soar to new heights? Look no further than the Dudek Colt 2, a size 25 powerhouse built for serious performance and exploration.

Crafted in April 2021, this beauty is in mint condition with only 40 hours of flight time. The sleek water color scheme will have you turning heads as you effortlessly climb to the top of the clouds.

But it’s not just about looks. The Colt 2 is designed for pilots who crave:

  • Exhilarating thermal performance: This wing is a true master of the air, finding lift where others struggle and propelling you to breathtaking heights.
  • Precise and nimble handling: The Colt 2 responds to your every input with razor-sharp precision, letting you dance with the wind and carve perfect lines.
  • Confidence-inspiring stability: Even in turbulent conditions, the Colt 2 remains calm and composed, giving you the peace of mind to focus on the joy of flight.
  • EN C certification: Fly with confidence knowing you have a safe and reliable wing built to the highest standards.

This near-new beauty is practically begging to be unleashed! The current owner, sadly flying less than originally anticipated, has chosen to move to a more relaxed EN-B wing, leaving this pristine Colt 2 in search of its perfect match.

One minor exception: a small patch where the wing snagged a stick on landing. Don’t worry, it’s been repaired on both sides and has absolutely no impact on performance or safety.

Located in Camano, USA, this stunning Colt 2 can be yours for 2000 EUR / 2140 USD / 1720 GBP. Shipping is extra, but we’re happy to discuss options.

Don’t miss this chance to own a top-of-the-line thermal machine at an incredible price! Contact us today and let’s get you soaring!

Code: zyz1

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