Gin Camino (75-95 kg)


FOR SALE: Gin Camino

size: S
manufactured: 2021.
weight range: 75-95 kg

Price: 1600 EUR / 1745 USD / 1370 GBP.

Shipping to be calculated later. EN C certified, beautiful intermediate paraglider for hike and fly and record XC flying. Condition is excellent, flown 90 hours, colors: red/white, location: Cadiz – Spain [ ES ].

Other item info: Lightweight EN-C glider, 3.9kg. Great condition, one small patch (see photos) about 2 mm in diameter. Fresh line trim done. Everything documented and it will be presented to a serious customer. One tip has a logo.

The price is negotiable, feel free to email me if you have any questions or want to negotiate.

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Introducing the Gin Camino: Unleash Your Expertise and Conquer the Skies!

Attention all thrill-seekers, adventurers, and soaring enthusiasts! Prepare to embark on the ultimate paragliding journey with the extraordinary Gin Camino. Crafted for the fearless experts who yearn for the thrill of conquering the skies, this paraglider is your key to unlocking unparalleled exhilaration and record-breaking flights!

Awaken your senses with the Gin Camino’s breathtaking performance, meticulously designed to push the boundaries of what’s possible. Built in 2021, this beautiful intermediate paraglider embodies sheer perfection, blending cutting-edge technology with superior craftsmanship.

Take your passion for paragliding to new heights as you effortlessly navigate the skies during hike and fly adventures. Designed for the experts, the Gin Camino is EN C certified, ensuring uncompromised safety and peace of mind while you pursue your wildest dreams.

Weighing between 75 to 95 kg, this lightweight marvel is an extension of your body, responding to your every command. With a mere 90 hours of flight time, the Gin Camino is in pristine condition, radiating in vibrant red and white hues that demand attention.

Prepare for awe-inspiring flights, fueled by the Gin Camino’s flawless performance. Equipped with fresh line trim and thoroughly documented maintenance, this paraglider guarantees a seamless experience that only a serious professional like yourself deserves.

One small patch, measuring a minuscule 2 mm in diameter, is a testament to the Gin Camino’s resilience and unwavering spirit. Witness firsthand the reliability of this exceptional glider as it effortlessly defies gravity and propels you toward limitless horizons.

Priced at 1600 EUR / 1745 USD / 1370 GBP, the Gin Camino is an investment in adrenaline-fueled experiences that money can’t buy. And remember, the price is negotiable! So, if you’re ready to take your paragliding prowess to soaring new heights, don’t hesitate to email us with any questions or to initiate negotiations.

Unlock the true potential of your paragliding journey with the Gin Camino – your passport to the skies. Embrace the thrill, defy limitations, and seize the opportunity to make your mark on the world of paragliding. Secure your dreams today with the code “vll4” and let the Gin Camino guide you on your path to greatness.

The sky is calling – will you answer?

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