Gin Explorer 2 (95-120 kg)


FOR SALE: Gin Explorer 2 (light)

size: L
manufactured: February 2022.
weight range: 95-120 kg
Price: 2000 EUR / 2170 USD / 1705 GBP.
Shipping is at the expense of buyer. EN B+ safety level. Condition is perfect – 72 hours, colors: blue/white/red.
Other item info: Perfect condition. Low hours. Packed and stored with utmost care. Period. It comes in inner bag.
Code: osm1

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🌟 Unleash Your Aerial Dreams with the Gin Explorer 2 (light) 🌟

Are you ready to soar to new heights and embrace the limitless skies? The Gin Explorer 2 is your gateway to a world of adventure and exhilaration. Crafted with uncompromising dedication to top-quality craftsmanship, this paraglider is an embodiment of perfection, designed to take your flying experience to the next level.

Manufactured in February 2022, this size L masterpiece is suitable for a weight range of 95-120 kg, ensuring versatility and comfort for every pilot. The Gin Explorer 2 is not just any paraglider; it’s a statement of excellence. Its EN B+ safety level provides you with the confidence to explore the heavens with peace of mind.

The pristine condition of this paraglider is a testament to the care and devotion bestowed upon it. With a mere 72 hours of flight time, it remains in perfect condition, wrapped in an elegant combination of blue, white, and red hues. Every moment it spent in the air was a moment of sheer grace and precision.

Stored and packed with the utmost care, the Gin Explorer 2 comes with an inner bag, ensuring its impeccable condition remains intact. Priced at just 2000 EUR / 2170 USD / 1705 GBP, this paraglider represents an exceptional opportunity to elevate your flying experience to new heights.

Don’t miss out on this chance to own a paraglider that redefines perfection. Embrace the skies, negotiate for your dreams, and make the Gin Explorer 2 (light) yours today. Unlock the world above with code “osm1.” Your journey awaits! 🌐✈️

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