Gin Yeti Extreme 2 (M)


FOR SALE: Gin Yeti Extreme 2

size: M
manufactured: 2018.
weight support: 40-100 kg
Price: 350 EUR / 380 USD / 305 GBP.
Shipping o be calculated later. Harness is convenient and condition is excellent, used about 20 hours. Color: orange, location: Rome – Italy [ IT ].
Other item info: Perfect harness for speed riding, hike and fly and mountaineers. Perfect combo of durability, price and weight. It comes with front mount container, carabiners, dynema risers and speed system. So we are talking about the full set up here. Traces of use visible, nothing special, you will be satisfied for sure. Purchased in 2020.
Negotiable a bit.
Code: mrs4

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Gin Yeti Extreme 2

ultralight harness for hike and fly and speed riding

Unleash your aerial prowess with the Gin Yeti Extreme 2, a paragon of excellence tailored for those who thrive amidst the skies. Crafted in 2018, this M-sized marvel beckons to pilots, speed riders, and hike-and-fly aficionados, delivering an unparalleled experience. With a weight support ranging from 40 to 100 kg, it embodies adaptability, catering to various adventure styles.

Priced at 350 EUR / 380 USD / 305 GBP, its true value extends far beyond cost. The harness, exhibiting an impeccable condition despite clocking approximately 20 hours of use, boasts a vibrant orange hue reminiscent of fiery sunsets. Located in the heart of Rome, Italy [IT], this harness radiates an aura of exploration and conquest.

Designed to meet the demands of speed riding, hike-and-fly endeavors, and mountaineering, this harness embodies resilience, striking the ideal balance between durability, cost-effectiveness, and weight. It arrives as a complete package featuring a front mount container, carabiners, dynema risers, and a speed system—an arsenal to propel your adventures to new heights.

While traces of use adorn its surface, they narrate tales of past adventures, assuring you of its trusty companionship in your future escapades. Purchased in 2020, its relatively young age assures performance and reliability.

As the code “mrs4” suggests, it offers room for negotiation, a testament to its readiness to accompany you on your soaring journeys. Take hold of this opportunity and embrace the skies with a partner that embodies the thrill of flight.

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