Niviuk Klimber P (85-110)


FOR SALE: Niviuk Klimber P

size: 24
manufactured: 2018.
weight range: 85-110 kg
Price: 500 EUR / 540 USD / 425 GBP.
Shipping is additional cost. EN D certification, condition: very good – 130 hours in total, colors: red/white/blue.
Other item info: Ultralight machine made for hike and fly and long XC flights. Glider with similar performance to 2-liner Peak 4, but more stable and more refined handling since it has 3 risers. Concertina and rucksack are included. There are 3 damages present, check photos, where you can see one smaller part of cell has been replaced professionally by workshop.
Negotiable price.
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๐ŸŒˆ Soar Beyond Limits with the Niviuk Klimber P – Your Sky Adventure Awaits! ๐Ÿš€

Paragliding enthusiasts, get ready for an extraordinary journey with the Niviuk Klimber P, a true gem from 2018! The size 24 wing is a lightweight masterpiece tailored for both hike and fly and extensive cross-country flights. Packed with 130 hours of thrilling experiences, this EN D certified glider guarantees an exhilarating ride for pilots in the weight range of 85-110 kg.

โœจ Responsive Design, Unmatched Performance: The Niviuk Klimber P, with its vibrant red, white, and blue hues, offers the perfect blend of stability and refined handling. Equipped with 3 risers, it mirrors the performance of a 2-liner Peak 4 but takes it a step further. The concertina and rucksack, included with the purchase, make it an ideal companion for your paragliding expeditions.

๐Ÿ’ฐ Negotiable Price and Expert Craftsmanship: For just 500 EUR / 540 USD / 425 GBP, you can own this incredible paragliding machine. Expertly crafted by professionals, the glider has undergone minor repairs, visible in the provided photos. One smaller part of the cell has been skillfully replaced by a workshop, ensuring the wing’s longevity and safety.

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