Nova Mentor 4 (75-100 kg)


FOR SALE: Nova Mentor 4 paraglider

Size: M, manufactured: June 2017., weight range: 75-100 kg.
Price: 650 EUR / 705 USD / 555 GBP.
Plus shipping. EN B+ certification, condition: excellent – 50 hours, colors: red/whire/blue, location: Sopot – Bulgaria [ BG ].
Other item info: Glider is in excellent condition, not flown much all this time. No damages worth mentioning are present.
Code: ilv1

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Soaring High with the Nova Mentor 4 Paraglider!

Ready to take your love for flying to new heights? Look no further than the Nova Mentor 4 paraglider, now up for grabs! This incredible piece of equipment is waiting to whisk you away on thrilling adventures in the sky.

Manufactured in June 2017, this paraglider comes in a medium size, perfect for pilots weighing between 75 to 100 kilograms. With its impressive EN B+ certification, you can trust in its exceptional performance and safety features.

Priced at just 650 EUR / 705 USD / 555 GBP, this paraglider is an absolute steal! And with its stunning red, white, and blue color scheme, you’ll be the envy of fellow airmen everywhere you go.

Located in Sopot, Bulgaria [BG], this Nova Mentor 4 paraglider is in excellent condition, having been flown for only 50 hours. You won’t find any damages worth mentioning, guaranteeing you a worry-free experience as you glide through the skies.

Shipping is available, so don’t let distance keep you grounded. Grab this opportunity now and negotiate a deal that suits you best. The code for this incredible paraglider is ilv1. Don’t miss out on the chance to own the Nova Mentor 4 and soar to new heights!

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