Nova Mentor 6 (90-110 kg)


FOR SALE: Nova Mentor 6

size: M
manufactured: August 2020.
weight range: 90-110 kg
Price: 1400 EUR / 1510 USD / 1200 GBP.
Shipping is additional cost. EN B certification. Condition is mint – 40 hours in the air, colors: blue, location: Almada – Portugal [ PT ].
Other item info: No SIV, no damages. Included: inner bag, riser bag, Nova extras. Still under warranty.
Price is negotiable.
Code: slv1

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đŸĒ‚đŸŒŸ FOR SALE: Elevate Your Paragliding Experience with the Nova Mentor 6! 🌟đŸĒ‚

Ready to take your paragliding adventures to the next level? Look no further! Introducing the Nova Mentor 6, a masterpiece of exhilaration and performance. This medium-sized wonder, manufactured in August 2020, is your key to soaring through the skies with unmatched grace and control. 🛩ī¸âœ¨

Designed to accommodate a weight range of 90-110 kg, the Nova Mentor 6 is your trusty companion for thrilling flights that push the boundaries of possibility. Feel the rush as you glide effortlessly through the air, supported by the unmatched quality and reliability that Nova is renowned for. 🏞ī¸đŸš€

With a pristine condition boasting a mere 40 hours in the air, this paraglider radiates in a striking blue hue, reflecting both your adventurous spirit and the vast expanse of the sky above. It’s your time to shine against the backdrop of endless horizons. 🌌💙

The Nova Mentor 6 is EN B certified, assuring you of its top-notch safety and performance features. Located in the picturesque city of Almada, Portugal [PT], this paraglider comes complete with an inner bag, riser bag, and additional Nova extras, enhancing your flying experience. And here’s the icing on the cake – it’s still under warranty! 📜🔒

Priced at a competitive 1400 EUR / 1510 USD / 1200 GBP, with negotiable options available, this paraglider is not just an investment in gear, but an investment in your soaring aspirations. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by – the skies are calling, and the Nova Mentor 6 is your gateway to a world of endless adventure! 🌈đŸĒ‚

đŸ“Ļ Shipping: Additional cost for shipping applies.
⚖ī¸ Weight Range: 90-110 kg | Condition: Mint – 40 hours
🎨 Colors: Blue
📍 Location: Almada – Portugal [PT]
📃 Code: slv1

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