Nova Mentor 7 Light (100-130 kg)


size: L
manufactured: January 2023.
weight range: 100-130 kg
Price: 2990 EUR / 3240 USD / 2565 GBP.
Shipping is extra cost. This is EN B+ certification and condition of this beautiful wing is mint. Flown only: 12 hours on grassy Alpine slopes, location: Kranj – Slovenia [ SI ].
Other item info: Mint condition, no damages, concertina is included, low hours.
Negotiable price a bit.
Code: nht1
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Nova Mentor 7 Light Paraglider

Calling All Beginner and Intermediate Pilots! 🪂

Upgrade your paragliding experience with the Nova Mentor 7 Light – perfect for flying!

This gently used (only 12 hours!) EN B+ certified glider is in mint condition, ready to take your flying to new heights.

Here’s why the Nova Mentor 7 Light is perfect for you:

  • Lightweight and maneuverable: Designed for ease of use and performance, ideal for flying.
  • Safety first: EN B+ certification ensures a forgiving wing that’s perfect for progressing pilots.
  • Top condition: Flown only on grassy slopes in Kranj, Slovenia, this glider is free of any damages and looks brand new.
  • Complete package: Includes concertina bag for easy transport and storage.

Looking to elevate your paragliding adventures?

This Nova Mentor 7 Light is the perfect wing for pilots looking to experience the thrill of flying. With its lightweight design, forgiving nature, and exceptional condition, this glider is a fantastic value.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity!

Price: 2990 EUR / 3240 USD / 2565 GBP (negotiable) Size: L Weight Range: 100-130 kg Manufactured: January 2023 Location: Kranj, Slovenia [SI] Shipping: Extra Cost

Contact us today to claim this amazing glider and take your flying to the next level!

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