Ozone Enzo 3 (105-125 kg)


FOR SALE: Ozone Enzo 3

size: L
manufactured: December 2020.
weight range: 105-125 kg
Price: 2400 EUR / 2540 USD / 2090 GBP.
Shipping is extra cost. Condition is perfect – 80 hours.
Other item info: One perfect Ozone Enzo 3. Period. All flying time gained on competitions. Trimmed 2 months ago. Comp number present on the lower surface. Taken care of with extreme caution (look photos of storage).
Negotiable price, hit me with offers.
Code: snt3

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Elevate Your Aerial Pursuits with the Ozone Enzo 3 – The Ultimate 2-Liner

For the seasoned paragliding virtuosos, the Ozone Enzo 3 stands as a testament to the pinnacle of performance, a record-breaking machine that has cemented its status as the competition dominator. Tailored for those who dare to soar the skies in pursuit of excellence, this paraglider is a testament to the craftsmanship that Ozone delivers.

Technical Specifications:

  • Size: L
  • Manufactured: December 2020
  • Weight Range: 105-125 kg

Unveiling the Offer: Priced at 2400 EUR / 2540 USD / 2090 GBP, the Ozone Enzo 3 is a treasure that transcends value. Please note that shipping is an additional cost, yet what you’re getting is nothing short of extraordinary. With a mere 80 hours of flight time, this paraglider is in excellent condition, meticulously maintained for peak performance.

Performance Unleashed: This Enzo 3 has exclusively witnessed the exhilarating atmosphere of competitions. Trimmed to perfection just two months ago, it’s primed for your next soaring adventure. You’ll find the competition number proudly emblazoned on its lower surface, attesting to its dominance on the paragliding stage.

A Testament to Care: We’ve treated this Enzo 3 with extreme caution, as showcased in the photos of its storage. Every flight has been meticulously logged, and every precaution has been taken to ensure its pristine condition.

Negotiate with Confidence: The price is negotiable, and we encourage you to make your offers. We are open to accommodating your needs while ensuring you experience the ultimate in free-flying prowess. It’s not just an acquisition; it’s a commitment to pushing your boundaries.

Code: snt3 To inquire about or make an offer on this exceptional Ozone Enzo 3, simply reference the code “snt3.”

Elevate your paragliding journey with the Enzo 3 – the choice of champions. Don’t miss the opportunity to own this paragon of paragliding excellence. Act swiftly, as this opportunity won’t linger in the sky for long.

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