Ozone Freride (55-105 kg)


FOR SALE: Ozone Freeride

size: 14

produced: November 2019.

weight range: 55-105 kg

Price: 1400 EUR / 1510 USD / 1230 GBP

Shipping is extra cost. DGAC tested, condition: excellent – 100 hours, colors: red/yellow/blue, location: Zwevegem – Belgium [ BE ].

Other item info: Fun to fly paramotor wing. Regardless if you are into slalom ride or just cruising around, this is paramotor paraglider you are looking for. It is not for beginners, because it offers dynamic experience, but nothing that intermediate level pilot can’t handle. No big damages, but there are two line cuts (see photos). It comes in inner bag.

Weight range for free flying: 55-90 kg

Weight range for paramotor flight: 55-105 kg.

Negotiable price, hit me with offers.

Code: clln13

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Introducing the ultimate flying machine – the Ozone Freeride! This high-performance, expert-level paraglider is now available for purchase. If you’re a seasoned pilot looking for the ultimate flying experience, this is the wing for you.

Produced in November 2019, this Ozone Freeride is in excellent condition, with only 100 hours of use. Its striking red, yellow, and blue colors are sure to turn heads as you soar through the skies. DGAC tested and approved, this wing is sure to give you the peace of mind you need when you’re up in the air.

Designed for the ultimate thrill-seeker, the Ozone Freeride is perfect for both slalom rides and leisurely cruises. Its dynamic design offers an unbeatable flying experience that only intermediate to advanced level pilots can truly appreciate. The weight range for free flying is 55-90 kg, while the weight range for paramotor flight is 55-105 kg, making it versatile enough for a range of flying scenarios.

While it’s not for beginners, the Ozone Freeride is the perfect addition to any seasoned pilot’s collection. It comes in its own inner bag for easy storage and transportation, and has only suffered two minor line cuts (see photos) with no other significant damage.

This Ozone Freeride is now available at a negotiable price, so make us an offer today! Don’t miss out on the opportunity to own this top-of-the-line paramotor paraglider. Code: clln13.

Located in Zwevegem – Belgium [ BE ], shipping is available at an extra cost. So why wait? Start your engines and take to the skies with the Ozone Freeride today!