Ozone Sirocco 3 (55-120 kg)

FOR SALE: Ozone Sirocco 3

size: 22

manufactured: March 2021.
free flight weight range: 55-90
PPG weight range: 55-120 kg.
Price: 2200 USD / 2340 USD /

Shipping is extra cost. Certification DGAC, powered flight paraglider in excellent condition, used for 25 hours, colors: red-yellow-blue, location: Giza – Egypt [EG].

Other item info: No damages present, it comes with inner bag only.
Code: ngi1


Looking for a reliable and affordable way to take your paragliding to new heights? Look no further than the Ozone Sirocco 3! This amazing powered flight paraglider is in excellent condition, with only 25 hours of use and no damages present.

With a size of 22 and manufactured in March 2021, the Ozone Sirocco 3 is certified by DGAC and comes in vibrant red-yellow-blue colors. Its free flight weight range is 55-90, and its PPG weight range is 55-120 kg.

Price is negotiable and item located in Giza – Egypt [ EG ], this paraglider is a steal. Please note that shipping is an extra cost.

Whether you’re an experienced paraglider or just starting out, the Ozone Sirocco 3 is the perfect choice. Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to take your paragliding to the next level! Use the hashtags #OzoneSirocco3 #poweredparaglider #paraglidingforsale #DGACcertified to help spread the word.