Phi Beat (65-85 kg)


FOR SALE: Phi Beat

#for paramotor and free flying use#

size: 20
manufactured: July 2020.
weight range: 65-85 kg
paramotor: 65-130 kg

Price: 1800 EUR / 1965 USD / 1540 GBP.

Shipping at the expense of buyer. Mid EN B paraglider in as godd as new/mint condition, with only 36 hours of flight time. Colors: lima gold, location: Zagreb – Croatia [ HR ].

Other item info: Mid EN B paraglider, suitable for paramotoring and free flying. Full check done in January 2024. Never used on SIV.

Standard weight range: 65-85 kg
When used for paramotor, weight range is: 65-130 kg.

This is makes it ideal for combined flying if you practice both words: PPG and free flight!.

Code: zlv1

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Phi Beat: Your All-in-One Paraglider for Paramotoring & Free Flight

Calling all beginner and intermediate pilots! Elevate your paragliding experience with the Phi Beat, a versatile wing that excels in both powered paramotoring and free flying adventures.

One Wing, Two Worlds: The Phi Beat’s mid EN B certification makes it perfect for pilots looking to explore both aspects of paragliding. Soar effortlessly on thermals in free flight mode, then seamlessly transition to powered paramotoring for extended airtime and breathtaking views.

As Good As New: This meticulously maintained Phi Beat boasts only 36 hours of flight time and is in mint condition. A full check-up completed in January 2024 ensures peak performance and safety. Never used for SIV maneuvers, this wing is ready for your next adventure.

Tailored for You: The Phi Beat caters to a wide range of pilots. The standard weight range is 65-85 kg, while for paramotoring, the range extends to 130 kg. This flexibility makes it ideal for both solo flying and paramotor experiences.

Don’t Compromise, Fly Free: Stop juggling multiple wings! The Phi Beat offers exceptional value for pilots who crave the diversity of both paramotoring and free flight. Negotiable pricing makes this opportunity even more attractive.

Ready to take flight? Contact us today! (Mention code zlv1 for special inquiries.)

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