Skywalk Arak (85-110 kg)


FOR SALE: Skywalk Arak

size: M
manufactured: January 2020.
weight range: 85-110 kg

Price: 2000 EUR / 2190 USD / 1730 GBP.

Shipping at buyer’s expense. EN B certified, this paraglider will watch your back while delivering fantastic performance. Condition is as good as new, 30 hours, colors: lime/white, location: Roma – Italy [ IT ].

Reason: Wife wants to kill due too much gear.

Other item info: No SIV, no trees, no water like new, 30h hours only. Inner bag and rucksack are included.

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Soar to New Horizons with the Skywalk Arak!

Attention paragliding enthusiasts! Prepare to embark on unforgettable adventures with the Skywalk Arak. This exceptional paraglider, now available for sale, offers you the perfect blend of safety, performance, and excitement. Strap in, ignite your passion for flight, and let the Skywalk Arak take you to breathtaking heights!

Unleash Your Potential: The Skywalk Arak, in size M, is designed to cater to pilots with a weight range of 85-110 kg. This EN B certified paraglider is your trusted partner in the skies, delivering fantastic performance while keeping a watchful eye on your safety. With its intuitive handling and responsive controls, you can push the boundaries of your flying skills and soar with confidence.

Like-New Condition: Manufactured in January 2020, the Skywalk Arak is in pristine condition, offering you the peace of mind of owning a paraglider that’s as good as new. With a mere 30 hours of flight time, this paraglider has plenty of thrilling adventures left to offer. Its lime and white color combination adds a touch of vibrancy to your flights, turning heads wherever you go.

From Roma with Love: Currently located in Rome, Italy [IT], the Skywalk Arak is ready to embark on new journeys with its next adventurous owner. Whether you wish to explore the scenic Italian landscapes or take it to new horizons around the world, this paraglider is your ticket to discovering breathtaking vistas from above.

Everything You Need: The Skywalk Arak comes complete with an inner bag and a rucksack, ensuring convenience and ease when it comes to transporting and storing your gear. No need to worry about additional expenses or missing accessories – everything you need to take flight is included.

Reason for Sale: Sometimes, too much gear can lead to disagreements. The Skywalk Arak is looking for a new home due to a wife’s disapproval of the growing collection. Take advantage of this opportunity and become the proud owner of this exceptional paraglider.

Your Ticket to Adventure: Don’t miss out on the chance to own the Skywalk Arak! Priced attractively at 2000 EUR / 2190 USD / 1730 GBP, this paraglider offers you the gateway to thrilling experiences and boundless freedom. Shipping is available at the buyer’s expense, ensuring that this amazing opportunity is within your reach.

Elevate your flying experience. Discover the Skywalk Arak today.

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