Skywalk Range X-Alps 2 (M)


FOR SALE: Skywalk Range X-Alps 2 ultarlight competition pod harness

size: M
produced: 05/2021.
Price: 670 EUR / 735 USD / 560 GBP.
Plus shipping. Condition: fair – 90 hours, location: Slovenia [ SI ].

Other item info:

Ultralight harness, very nice for XC and hike and fly. There are traces of use present, some parts are repaired (check photos). It is urgent for sale, negotiable price.
Code: vgr15

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Looking for a high-quality, ultra-lightweight competition pod harness for your next XC or hike and fly adventure? Look no further than the Skywalk Range X-Alps 2!

This M-sized harness was produced in 05/2021 and has only been used for 90 hours, making it the perfect choice for pilots who demand the very best. With a sleek and comfortable design, this harness will help you soar through the skies with ease.

Although there are some traces of use present and some parts have been repaired (please check photos for details), the condition is still fair, and the harness is in excellent working order.

Don’t miss your chance to get your hands on this amazing harness at a great price. At just 670 EUR / 735 USD / 560 GBP plus shipping (negotiable), it’s a steal for pilots who demand the very best. So why wait? Use code vgr15 and place your order today!