Tandem Swing Twin 4


FOR SALE: Tandem Swing Twin 4

manufactured: April-2010.
weight range: 140-220 kg.
Price: 320 EUR / 340 USD / 280 GBP.
Shipping: plus shipping. Certification: EN B. Tandem is in fair condition, 250 hours.
Other item info: Tandem is in fair condition and I will provide porosity readings document to a serious buyer. There is one patch present (see photos). Spreader bars or carabiners are not included, but rucksack and inner bag are.
Negotiable a bit.
Code: krm1

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Looking for an exciting adventure in the sky? Look no further than our Tandem Swing Twin 4! Perfect for joint flights and happy memories, this paragliding tandem is sure to provide an unforgettable experience.

Manufactured in April-2010, our Swing Twin 4 is designed for a weight range of 140-220 kg and is certified EN B. With 250 hours of flight time, this tandem is in fair condition and comes with a porosity readings document for serious buyers.

At a bargain price of 320 EUR / 340 USD / 280 GBP, plus shipping, our Swing Twin 4 is the perfect choice for anyone looking for an affordable paragliding experience. While there is one patch present, as seen in the photos, we can assure you that the tandem is in good condition overall.

Please note that spreader bars or carabiners are not included, but the rucksack and inner bag are included. We are open to negotiation for serious buyers. Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to soar through the skies with our Tandem Swing Twin 4. Code: krm1.

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