UP Lhotse (75-100 kg)


FOR SALE: UP Lhotse (Hike And Fly)

size: M
manufactured: January 2018.
weight range: 75-100 kg
Price: 1250 EUR / 1335 USD / 1080 GBP.
Shipping is extra. This is easy to use EN B safety level ultralight paraglider. Condition is perfect, with only 70 hours in the air, colors: blue/white, location: Slovenia [ SI ].
Other item info: hike & fly paraglider, ultalight materials. UP Lhotse is easy to fly EN-B, year 2018., from 75 to 100 kg, weight 3.4 kg only, only 70 hours, without a single damage, flown only in winter for h&f pleasure. Checked in March 2022.
Negotiable price.
Code: rkn6

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๐ŸŒ„ Conquer the Skies with the UP Lhotse (Hike And Fly) Paraglider! ๐Ÿช‚

Looking to elevate your paragliding adventures? The UP Lhotse is your passport to the clouds, offering a seamless blend of safety and exhilaration. ๐ŸŒค๏ธ

Why UP Lhotse should be your next paragliding partner:

โœ… Perfect Condition: This EN B safety level ultralight paraglider, manufactured in January 2018, boasts pristine perfection with only 70 hours in the air. It’s as good as new, ensuring your safety as you embark on thrilling flights.

โœ… Ultralight Marvel: Weighing a mere 3.4 kg, the UP Lhotse is your ticket to ultimate freedom. Crafted with ultralight materials, it’s your go-to choice for hike & fly adventures.

โœ… Versatile Size: Designed for adventurers in the weight range of 75-100 kg, this paraglider is perfect for a wide range of enthusiasts. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting, the UP Lhotse has you covered.

โœ… Stunning Blue and White: With striking blue and white colors, your flights will be as picturesque as the sky itself. Be the envy of fellow paragliders as you soar in style.

โœ… Location: Available in Slovenia [ SI ].

โœ… Trustworthy History: The UP Lhotse has been flown for only 70 hours, exclusively during the winter months for hike & fly pleasure. It’s been meticulously cared for and checked in March 2022, ensuring your safety in the skies.

โœ… Unbeatable Price: For just 1250 EUR, 1335 USD, or 1080 GBP, you can own this exceptional paraglider. Don’t miss this opportunity to take your paragliding game to new heights!

โœ… Negotiable: We’re open to offers! Make this UP Lhotse yours and explore the limitless skies. Use code “rkn6” when contacting us.

Don’t let this chance to own the UP Lhotse slip away. It’s your time to embark on unforgettable paragliding adventures with confidence and style. Act now, and the sky is yours! ๐Ÿช‚โœจ

Contact us today for more information and secure your UP Lhotse before it’s gone! ๐Ÿ“ž #UPLhotse #ParaglidingAdventure

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