UP Trango X-Race (75-100 kg)


FOR SALE: UP Trango X-Race

size: M
manufactured: July 2018.
weight range: 75-100 kg
Price: 900 EUR / 985 USD / 775 GBP.
Shipping is extra. EN C certification. Condition is excellent – 165 hours, location: Combloux – France [ FR ].
Other item info: Checked at 155 hours. Flown 10 hours only after the last check. No damage, no SIV. It comes with concertina.
The price is negotiable.
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UP Trango X-Race

Attention Paragliding Pilots!

Are you ready to soar to new heights? Introducing the UP Trango X-Race, your ticket to exhilarating adventures in the sky! Crafted in July 2018. and maintained in excellent condition, this paraglider is a testament to both quality and durability.

Dive into the skies with the UP Trango X-Race, designed to elevate your paragliding experience. With its vibrant hues, it’s not just a paraglider; it’s a statement.

For pilots seeking top-notch performance, this EN C certified glider offers exceptional handling and stability. Its weight range of 75-100 kg ensures versatility, allowing you to navigate various conditions effortlessly.

Take advantage of its remarkable condition—165 hours of careful use, meticulously inspected at 155 hours with a mere additional 10 hours of flight. Plus, rest assured, no damages or SIV experiences. Added bonus? It comes equipped with a concertina for easy packing and transport.

Picture yourself catching thermals and riding the wind currents with ease, all while enjoying the peace of mind that comes with a well-maintained paraglider.

Act now to secure this UP Trango X-Race at a negotiable price of 900 EUR / 985 USD / 775 GBP (shipping not included). Don’t miss this chance to elevate your flying experience.

Embrace the freedom of the skies and the thrill of paragliding with a reliable, high-performance companion by your side.

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