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  • ova Ion 7 Paraglider - XS Size, EN B Low Classification, with 1 Hour of Flying - Ready for Your Aerial Adventures!

    Nova Ion 7 (70-95 kg)


    FOR SALE: Nova Ion 7

    size: XS
    year: 2023.
    weight range: 70-95 kg
    Shipping is extra. EN B low. Condition is as good as new, with 1 hour, location: Madrid – Spain [ ES ].
    Other item info: 3 flights packed in 1 hour of flying. No damages, one perfect wing. It comes with concertina.
    Negotiable a bit.
    Code: mlck10
  • Buy Niviuk Hook 5P paraglider

    Niviuk Hook 5P (70-92 kg)


    FOR SALE: Niviuk Hook 5P paraglider

    Size: 24, purchased: October 2020.
    Weight range: 70-92 kg.
    Price: 1800 EUR / 1780 USD / 1575 GBP.
    Shipping is extra cost. EN B- certification, condition: very good – 135 hours, colors: blue/white/black, location: Spain [ ES ].
    Other item info: Fantastic little paraglider with very safe flying characteristics. Two cells were damaged, but repaired by professional workshop. Please check photos.
    Negotiable price.
    Code: vll3