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  • Sale! Buy second hand / used Advance Sigma 9 paraglider

    Advance Sigma 9 (95-115 kg)


    FOR SALE: Advance Sigma 9 paraglider


    size: 27, year: 2018.,

    weight range: 95-115 kg.

    Price: 1600 EUR / 1745 USD / 1415 GBP.

    Shipping is extra cost. EN C cerification, condition is mint – 30 hours, location: Granada – Spain [ ES ].

    Other item info: Very well balanced EN C wing, top safety and great handling. Low hours, no damages. Rucksack is included and inner bag.

    The price is negotiable.

    Code: jmn1


  • Buy second hand / used Niviuk Ikuma paraglider

    Niviuk Ikuma (95-115 kg)


    FOR SALE: Niviuk Ikuma paraglider

    Size: 27,
    manufactured: November 2016.
    Weight range: 95-115 kg.
    Price: 1500 EUR / 1470 USD / 1310 GBP.
    Shipping is extra cost. EN B level, very easy to fly, fantastic handling. Condition mint, but with 10 hours, we could say it is as good as new. Color: sunrise, location: Croatia [ HR ].
    Other item info: Glider is in perfect condition, as good as new. No damages to report. Hence the price. Concertina and rucksack are included.
    Code: mkc3
  • Sale!

    Ozone Zeno (95-110 kg)


    FOR SALE: Ozone Zeno

    size: ML,

    produced: June 2019.

    weight range: 95-110 kg.

    Price: 2000 EUR / 1965 USD / 1725 GBP.

    Shipping is additional cost. Certified as EN D class. Condition is excellent, with 207 hours of flying. Colors: gray/white, location: Lisabon – Portugal [ PT ].

    Other item info: New set of lines installed. Excellent condition. 1 hour of test flying after installing the new line set. No damages worth mentioning, so I presume the new owner will be satisfied.

    Negotiable price.

    Code: fss1

  • Sale! Buy Ozone Alpina hike and fly ultarlight paraglider

    Ozone Alpina (95-115 kg)


    FOR SALE: Ozone Alpina ultralight

    size: L, produced: March 2012.

    weight range: 95-115 kg.
    Price: 640 EUR / 645 USD / 540 GBP.
    Location: Bucharest – Romania [RO].

    Shipping is extra cost. EN C skill level required, pure hike and fly wing.
    Condition is very good – 80 hours,

    Other item info: Bought and used mostly for hike and fly. No damages to the best of my knowledge. Still flyable, but better to use it for ground handling only.

    The price is negotiable.

    Code: krb5

  • Buy FOR SALE: Niviuk Icepeak 7 competition paraglider

    Niviuk Icepeak 7 (95-115 kg)


    FOR SALE: Niviuk Icepeak 7 competition paraglider

    size: 24,

    year: 2013.

    weight range: 95-115 kg.

    Price: 400 EUR / 430 USD / 340 GBP.

    Shipping: plus shipping. EN D class, condition is very good – 210 hours, location: Serbia [ RS ]. I can arrange shipping from EU.

    Other item info: Famous Niviuk handling and safety for its class. Paraglider is in very good condition, full check done few days ago. It will serve you well in the future. There are 2 patches present (see photos), nothing alarming.

    The price is negotiable.

    Code: lzr2