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  • FOR SALE: Rucksack Advance Comfortpack 2

    size: 115 L, bought: 2017.
    Price: 90 EUR / 110 USD / 82 GBP / 8040 INR.
    Shipping: plus shipping, condition: unused – 0 hours. Colors: black/gray/turquoise, location: Ljubljana – Slovenia [ SI ].
    Other item info: Never used, in fabulous condition. It s bit dirty on one place (see pics).
    Code: mln1
    180.00  90.00 
  • Advance Alpha 6 (100-145 kg)

    FOR SALE: Advance Alpha 6

    size: 31, manufactured: March 2017., weigh range: 100-145 kg.
    Price: 1000 EUR / 1187 USD / 895 GBP.
    Shipping to be paid extra. This is a beginner wing for heavy weigh champion, EN A+ level, meant to be first wing after school. Condition: mint, with 2 hours in the air. Colors: lime/dark red/white. Location: Stuttgart – Germany [ DE ].
    Other item info: Oh, you will like it. You are definitely going to like it. Maybe you are a motor head or maybe you are a free flyer, but safety and famous Advance quality will make you addicted to the sport. 2 hours in the air, 20 short flights. 3 small holes made from a thorny bush, repaired professionally (see pics). Included: rucksack and inner bag.
    Code: ggo3
    1,400.00  1,000.00 
  • Advance Sigma 8 (85-115 kg)

    FOR SALE: Advance Sigma 8

    size: 27, purchased: 2011., weight range: 85-110 kg.
    Price: 500 EUR / 610 USD / 450 GBP.
    Shipping: plus shipping. EN C class. Condition: excellent – 75 hours, color: Blue, location: Lillehammer – Norway [ NO ].
    Other item info: One line is replaced by original one. Paraglider is in really good condition, no damages. Comes with inner bag only. No SIV or water landings. I am not sure about the production date, so consult the manufacturer, the label is in the attachment.
    Negotiable a bit.
    Code: znj3
    650.00  500.00 
  • Advance Success 3 (L)

    FOR SALE: Advance Success 3

    size: L.
    Price: 600 EUR / 711 USD / 538 GBP.
    …plus shipping. Condition is excellent, about 50 hours of usage. Colors: black/blue, location: Serbia [ RS ].
    Other item info: I don’t know the production date, but I can send you serial number and you can check it with factory. Not used much, very good harness, new owner will be satisfied. It comes with reserve handle, speed bar, carabiners. No reserve.
    The price is negotiable.
    Code: djr3
    700.00  600.00 
  • Apco Spark (XXL)

    FOR SALE: Apco Spark

    size: XXL, manufactured: 8/2012.
    Price: 300 EUR / 356 USD / 270 GBP.
    Shipping is extra. Condition is very good, about 20 hours, colors: black/gray, location: Slovenia [ SI ].
    Other item info: Not used much despite its age. There are traces of use and bottom landings, but overall condition is very good. This is size for really big folks and heavy weight champions. Very robust harness for beginners, offers good protection. It will make someone happy. No speed bar.
    Code: mkl2
    420.00  300.00 
  • BGD Base

    FOR SALE: BGD Base

    Size: L, date: February 2018., weight range:100-120 kg.
    Price: 1300 EUR / 1595 USD / 1173 GBP / 116625 INR.
    Shipping: plus shipping. EN B level, easy to use and rock solid wing. Condition: excellent – 40 hours, colors: glacier, location: New Delhi – India [ IN ].
    Other item info: Low hours, no issues to the best of my knowledge. This paraglider is good for beginners regardless if they are paramotor or free flying enthusiasts.
    The price is negotiable.
    Code: rht1
    1,500.00  1,300.00 
  • BGD Tala

    FOR SALE: BGD Tala

    size: L, purchased: 2013., weight range: 105-125 kg.
    Price: 1100 EUR / 1307 USD / 985 GBP.
    Shipping: plus shipping, EN C level wing. Condition: excellent, with 65 hours, colors: red/white/black, location: La Vega – Dominican Republic [ DO ].
    Other item info: No damages worth mentioning to the best of my knowledge. I can send you serial number so you can check exact date (not sure).
    Code: dlg1
    1,300.00  1,100.00 
  • Charly / Nova N-10 (S, M, L)

    HARNESS FOR SALE: Charly / Nova N-10

    in sizes: S, M, L.
    Price: 380 EUR / 465 USD / 345 GBP / 34137 INR.
    Shipping is extra. Condition: unused – 0 hours, colors: green and blue, location: Slovenia [ SI ].
    Other item info: Demo harnesses, used only for trial purposes several times on the ground. Never flown, no signs of use. All like new, but I am not sure about the production year. Available in S, M and L size for green and M size for blue color. Harnesses are not equipped with carabiners and speed bar, no reserve parachute present. The price is negotiable.
    I need to sell harnesses urgently. Email me for details.
    Code: vgr12
    500.00  380.00 
  • Charly Diamond ST (125 kg)

    FOR SALE: Charly Diamond ST (steerable)

    Size: up to 125 kg, date: 5/2020.
    Price: 750 € / 910 $ / 665£.
    Shipping: plus shipping. It’s in mint condition: Location: Barcelona – Spain [ ES ].
    Other item info: Installed in the harness that wasn’t used much at all. Never deployed. No damage, everything is working fine.
    Negotiable by tiny margin.
    Code: mlck13
    850.00  750.00 
  • Charly Titan 3 (M)

    FOR SALE: Charly Titan 3

    size: M, manufactured: March 2010.
    Price: 280 EUR / 344 USD / 252 GBP / 25266 INR.
    Shipping to be paid extra. Condition: fair. color: black, location: Celje – Slovenia [ SI ].
    Other item info: Very comfortable pod harness. There are minor damages, traces of use and bottom landings, here and there a small hole on neoprene leg cover (see photos), but for that amount of money it will serve you well. The price is negotiable.
    Code: tbr2
    340.00  280.00 
  • Flow Spectra

    FOR SALE: Flow Spectra

    size: ML, production date: March 2019., weight range: 100-115 kg.

    Price: 1100 EUR / 1310 USD / 980 GBP / 6977 BRL (as Brasilian Real).

    …+ shipping. This is EN CCC class wing, for experienced pilots and competition pilots. Condition is excellent, with only 50 hours. Color: lime, location: Ljubljana – Slovenia [ SI ].

    Other item info: Concertina and rucksack included, recently checked, document available, overall condition is fantastic.

    Negotiable a bit.

    Code: mtjj1

    1,400.00  1,100.00 
  • Gin Bonanza 2

    FOR SALE: Gin Bonanza 2

    size: M, purchased: August 2019, weigh range: 85-105 kg.
    Price: 2100 EUR / 2572 USD / 1900 GBP.
    Shipping is additional cost. EN C level, smooth handling, fantastic glide. Condition of this paraglider is excellent, with 110 hours. Colors: green/red/white, location: North Macedonia.
    Other item info: No damages to report, in excellent condition. Only rucksack is included.
    The price is negotiable.
    Code: spk2
  • Gin Carrera (75-95 kg)

    FOR SALE: Gin Carrera

    size: S, produced: April 2014., with a weight range of 75-95 kg.
    Price: 700 EUR / 826 USD / 632 GBP / 19061 CZK / 60947 INR.
    Shipping: plus shipping. EN B class paraglider in very good condition, with 160 hours of flight time. Colors: yellow/white/purple. Location: Poland [ PL ].
    Other item info: No damages to the best of my knowledge. Rucksack included. Inspection documents are available and I will send them to a serious buyer. No sand, trees or water landing.
    The price is negotiable.
    Code: lis1
  • Gin Leopard (95-112 kg)

    FOR SALE: Gin Leopard

    size: M, year: 2019., weight range: 95-112 kg.
    Price: 2300 EUR / 2830 USD / 2080 GBP / 2485 CHF.
    Shipping to be calculated later. EN D class, condition: excellent – 65 hours, colors: red/white.
    Other item info: Probably the best EN D wing around. This is 2 liner, for experienced pilots, good entry wing for competitions. It has one small patch near the leading edge. Apart from that, the wing is in superb condition. It comes with concertina.
    Negotiable price.
    Code: bdjr1
    3,500.00  2,300.00 
  • Mac Para Hawaii

    FOR SALE: Mac Para Hawaii

    size: L, year: 2011.

    Price: 470 EUR / 560 USD / 420 GBP.

    Shipping is extra. Very robust pod harness. Condition is excellent. Colors: black/gray/red.
    Other item info: The harness is in perfect condition. Low hours, like new.

    Negotiable a bit.

    Code: tvk21

    520.00  470.00 
  • Niviuk Artik 3 (90-110 kg)

    FOR SALE: Niviuk Artik 3

    size: 27, purchased: 2011., wit a weight range of: 90-110 kg.
    Price: 490 EUR / 600 USD / 445 GBP / 44019 INR.
    Shipping: plus shipping. EN C level of skill. Condition: good – 170 hours, colors: white/orange/dark red.
    Other item info: The wing is very safe and stable for its class. Recent porosity check done and I will send it on demand to a serious buyer. There is a small hole one the top surface, about 1 cm in diameter, but I couldn’t find it to take a photo. It is repaired wit a patch and represents only cosmetic issue. Paraglider comes with inner bag only.
    The price is negotiable. I need to sell it quickly.
    Code: rbr1
    550.00  490.00